About Rich Sticks, LLC

Rich Sticks, LLC is located in Brentwood, NH, we are makers of custom drumsticks using the highest quality hand picked American hickory or hard maple, finished with beeswax to your specifications. Owned and operated by William Fitzpatrick and Joshua Mimms.

Location, hours and contact info

Shipping Address:
25 Commercial Dr. #9
Brentwood, New Hampshire 03833
M - F 9am - 4pm
Shop Tours:
By appointment only. Please email us to schedule.

Ordering Sticks

Orders for sticks usually ship same day or within 48 hours. But some orders can take 7 - 10 days to fill depending on our work load. Although we try to keep all of our Standard and Semi-custom sticks in stock, please don't wait until you have no sticks to order sticks. We are a very small shop and keep a tight inventory. We make sticks constantly, but there is no guarantee that we will have your sticks in stock on a given day. Order early! If you are ordering custom printing, we need to make a die, so please send your artwork to us as soon as possible. But please read the artwork guidelines before you send it to us. Printing is done by rolling the sticks over an inked rubber die so following the guide is essential to getting a good print on your sticks. We will work with you to get the artwork ready for the die maker. It takes 3 - 7 days to get a die made depending on the die maker's work load. So again, order early if you need the sticks by a certain date. If you've ordered custom printing before, then we already have your die.

Full-custom sticks typically take 3 - 4 weeks depending on the order specifics. Orders for full-custom drumsticks cannot be altered once they are in the shop queue. If you want to place a full-custom order, unless you've ordered previously, it's probably best to contact us before ordering at info@richsticks.com.

Shipping Information

We ship most packages via the USPS, Priority or Flat Rate. However, the website offers you a range of valid shipping options; other modes, carriers and prices to choose from depending on your location. If you are local, you can even pick up your order at the shop!

At our discretion, sometimes we will upgrade your shipping at no additional charge if we can get it to you faster for the same price. This may mean you'll get Priority mail service with the added bonus of tracking. Please be aware that First Class and Standard Post shipping does not provide tracking.

We can purchase shipping insurance at your request and will invoice you separately for the cost. We recommend you ask us to insure any order over $100. If you don't insure your shipment and it gets lost, we will not refund or replace the order.

Our experience with USPS has been less than impressive. If you absolutely need your package to arrive on time (and not get lost), then we recommend UPS as the best choice. Yes, UPS costs twice as much, but they are way more reliable. 

Please double check the shipping address you provide to us with your order. You'd be surprised how many packages come back "undeliverable".

International shipping is expensive and slow. We will work with you to reduce the cost by selecting the best shipping option for your budget. A good strategy to offset this cost impact is to order big (multiple  bricks), but infrequently. We will not label the package as a "gift" to avoid any VAT taxes or customs charges, so please don't ask.


Terms and Conditions

Allow 3 - 10 days for delivery of semi-custom sticks and 3 - 4 weeks for full-custom orders. Orders will not go into the production queue until the invoice is paid in full. Changes to the specifications must be made in writing before the order is in production. The hickory wood we use may be heartwood (brown) or sapwood (white). Your order may be comprised of heartwood or sapwood or both. We will not bleach our sticks to make them white. All of our playing sticks meet a minimum weight restriction, but we will not weight match or pitch match your order (see https://richsticks.com/about-our-custom-drumsticks for more information). For custom printing, you assume all responsibility for the quality of the artwork you submit. We will send you an image proof from which the printing die will be made for your approval, and we will not begin production until it has been approved. Shipping insurance is the customer's responsibility. We recommend that you ask us about securing shipping insurance for any order over $100. If you don't insure your shipment and it gets lost, we will not refund or replace the order. This invoice is due and payable upon receipt and prices are subject to change without notice if not paid within 10 days. By paying this invoice, you agree to the above terms and the specifications as listed on the invoice.