Gina “G” Osmar

It’s not very often that you find a drummer that’s capable of keeping a solid tempo, playing with dynamics, knowing when and more importantly, when not to play and the ability to play with simplicity. Even more rare than that, is finding a drummer that has all those features wrapped up in an eleven year old girl’s body. Gina Osmar or “G” as most of her friends call her, is one of the most dynamic drummers you will ever hear.

Born Gina Marie Osmar on 9 February, 2000 in Texas. At the age of 3, Gina started developing her rhythm on coffee cans her father brought home from the family restaurant, it was apparent almost immediately that she had a gift! At 6 years old she received her first kit & at 7 years old, Gina was allowed to sit in with a church band as a means to “humor” her after their rehearsal. She “auditioned” playing from memory, the last song the band had just rehearsed! Making an exception to her age, Gina was asked to join the band (see video: “I Know Who I Am”). Everyone else was in their 30’s and 40’s! For the next 3 years, Gina performed every Sunday at a church of over 5,000 people and dedicated every Saturday for “Special Friends”…a service for mentally and physically challenged people. What child do you know that gives their time? Giving and caring is what “G” is all about!

Now 13 years old, Gina has played in numerous bands and venues across the Greater Austin Area, the U.S. and abroad. Gina has more than 400 live performances including the “Fields of Faith” festival under her belt. She was invited to Nashville to be the primary studio session drummer for a number of up and coming country artists and has also recorded in L.A. Primarily a “self-taught” drummer, Gina can also read charts and play everything from Rock to Gospel, from Blues to Funk!

Gina was written up in “Tom Tom Magazine” (The Country Issue #14) & has letters of recommendation from various artists such as “Shy Tree”, “Drew Craig Band” and Chris Blackwell (former Robert Plant drummer). The ability to play a song as intended is her forte’. Gina has skills well beyond her years. She is an “Artist Endorser” for Soultone Cymbals, Pearl Drums and Hardware, Alien Ears Monitors, Rich Sticks, Kelly SHU, Remo Drum Heads and Audix Microphones! She is available for studio and touring gigs. Don’t be fooled by age!…This girl rocks!



Gina Osmar