Greg Thompson

Greg ThompsonGreg Thompson was born and raised in Long Beach California.  Greg began making music when he was five years old.  Like many children at this age, drumming soon became the focus of his attention, the big difference being, Greg never stopped.

Self-taught and influenced by drummers such as Tommy Aldridge, Cozy Powell, John Bonham, and Neil Peart, Greg soon began drawing attention on the Southern California music scene.  Throughout the 80’s, Greg’s reputation grew on the LA club circuit, and his hard hitting improvised drumming style soon drew the attention of national touring acts.

In the 90’s, Greg began touring with the international renowned Led Zeppelin touring group Zoso  because of his natural ability to flawlessly mimic some of the world’s most influential drummers.  Playing the part of the iconic John Bonham, Greg threw himself into this role with an animalistic energy like a lion after its prey.   Show after show, from the opening of “Rock and Roll” to the infamous, “Moby Dick” 20 minute drum solo, to the climatic end of “Stairway to Heaven”, Greg toured constantly, and playing sold out shows all across the United States, Japan, Argentina and Brazil.Greg Thompson

When Greg wasn’t on the road with the band, you could find him out on the road performing John Bonham drum clinics, taking the time to teach the very technics he had learned from the master whom had influenced him so many years before.

In the spring of 2017, Greg was hired to record drums for the band “Two Wolf”, featuring legendary bass guitarist and vocalist, Greg T. Walker (founding member of Blackfoot) and guitar virtuoso and vocalist Brad Sayre.  Because of scheduling conflicts with the bands original drummer, and the success and strength of the recordings, Greg was asked to take on the position as the bands full-time drummer.