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Kojo RoneyKojo Odu Roney was born June 28th, 2004, and he loved the drums, even as a baby. His mother, Nia Love, use to bring him to the dance classes she taught at Smith College which normally included African drumming and Kojo would always sit next to the drummers as they played. From the time as a baby, Kojo was surrounded by Jazz music from his father, Antoine Roney. Kojo always loved listening to Tony Williams and Philly Joe Jones while riding in back seat of his parents car and would have a blast trying to play along with chopsticks he always kept as his “drum sticks” . When Antoine took notice of Kojo’s interest and love for drumming, he bought Kojo a junior drum set at the age of 2 years old. At such a young age Kojo understood how to play the drum set in jazz setting. By 4 years old, he was able to play with jazz ensembles confidently. Practicing daily helped Kojo match his understanding of rhythm and applying it to the drum set.

By the age of 8 years old, he went on his first tour in Europe, which is the start of his professional music encounters. His travels included France, Italy, Switzerland and Greece. He also visited other countries including Serbia, Germany, Austria and Poland. Kojo shares the stage and performs with many Professional musicians including his uncle Wallace Roney, Buster Williams, Darrell Green, Billy Spaceman Paterson, Rashaan Carter, Brandee Younger, Saadi Zain, Emanuel Ruffler and his father Antoine Roney. He also performs special performances with his mother Choreographer/Dancer Nia Love. Some great highlights of Kojo’s many experiences is having the chance to sit in with The Incredible Lenny White, The Great Al Foster and legendary Jazz drummer, Roy Haynes, while great jazz drummers Louis Hayes and Grady Tate were in the audience and also having the chance to becoming friends with The Great Jimmy Cobb.

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