Marc Charette

new photo fbIt could be playing in a cover band at one of the best venues, opening for a national act, playing a large festival, or touring the north east with independent recording artists, or any place where there is a stage. I started playing the drums at the age of 8. I took lessons in elementary school, then marching band in middle school. I played all through high school with various bands/musicians. I grew up in a very musical family. My brother Brian Charette (accomplished jazz recording artist) was always playing music, whether guitar, piano or keyboard. He introduced me to my first serious teacher Chris Lyons (George baker experience, Langley bros). That is where the drums took a whole new meaning for me. Not only an excellent teacher, but player as well, Chris taught me about practice habits, independence, versatility, influences, and most importantly dedication and love for the drums. gms photo-1

I studied the Gary Chester method and funk studies for many years. Some of my biggest influences range from 80’s rock, to prog metal, to jazz, to pop. Some of my favorite players I draw inspirations from are: Steve Smith (Journey, Vital information), Sting , and all his drummers, Morgan Rose (sevendust), John Bonham, Stewart Copeland, Gavin Harrison (porcupine tree), Keith Carlock (steely dan, various others) and Vinnie Colaiuta.

In 2009 I started playing/touring with the Alvarez endorsed and sling slang recording artist Jared McCloud. We played numerous shows and festivals throughout the whole northeast, while getting great reviews and write ups, even being nominated for the Hartford advocates readers poll for top drummer. I got my first endorsement (Soultone cymbals), recorded an album with producer Jason Rubal (7th wave studios), and played many shows/festivals during 2012. Since that time, I have had the privilege to pick up a few more endorsements. Beato bags (2014), 247 drums (2014), and now Rich Sticks!drum photo

Marc 1Throughout most of 2013 and early 2014, I recorded and toured with the metal band IN The Red. . During that time, we recorded one full length LP, and one EP. We toured heavily, many times opening for national acts like: Halestorm, Sevendust, Fates Warning, Drowning Pool, and many others. We also had our Ep produced by Jeff Gilmer (Staind). I just recently left In the Red, to collaborate with my old melodic/pop rock act Civil Drone. Civil Drone has also had national exposure, and modest commercial success. Civil Drone features Ct. X factor semi finalist Gino Burgio, whom I have collaborated on several projects for over 10 years. The sky is the limit for this band. We have independent record label interest, and have opened for national acts Nonpoint, Flyleaf, Gemini Syndrome, and Three Years Hollow, over the past couple of months. I hope to see you at one of our shows soon.

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