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PJ 3_SMWhen PJ Alvarez was five, he got his first toy drum kit. His interest in drumming steadily grew. At age eight, he decided to attend a Kiss concert. Little did he know this would be a pivotal event in his life. Upon seeing the show, he instantly wanted to become a rock star. This desire drove him to practice his craft incessantly in the years to follow.

PJ is a heavy hitter whose drumming is a means of channeling his passion and releasing his angst. His very physical performance style clearly demonstrates his command of the stage. He feeds off the energy of the audience and escapes into the music.

This self-taught drummer is influenced by John Bonham, Eric Singer, Tommy Aldridge, Tommy Lee, Alex Van Halen, and Randy Castillo.

He has drummed for Alkemy, The Inmates, Cathedral Burn, Vendetta, Siin, and currently Teeze. Teeze has released a compilation album, Raw, featuring both studio and live tracks, as well as some demos.

PJ has shared the stage with many accomplished performers: Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Slaughter, Danger Danger, King of the Hill, D’Molls, Tuff, Lita Ford, Enuff Z’nuff, L.A. Guns, Phil Lewis, Taddy Porter, Bang Tango, Trixter, Ted Poley, Cheap Thrill, Bret Michaels, Bulletboys, Jeff Lebar, and Jazmine Cain.

PJ Alvarez

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PJ is a humble musician: “There are so many drummers out there who are so much more talented than me. I have learned so much from the many people I have played with throughout the years. I have been very fortunate. I consider myself an OK drummer who is hoping to find greatness. This is what keeps me going…especially to have people like Rich Sticks believe in me.”

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