Ryan Woodruff

Ryan Woodruff 3Born and raised in Detroit MI, Ryan Woodruff has dedicated the majority of his life to drumming for various bands in Rock City’s flourishing local music scene. “I played in rock bands, punk bands, hardcore bands, a reggae band and I even played with a handful of hip-hop artists” says Ryan. “I didn’t care what genre of music I played back then I just wanted to learn and grow as a musician.” Ryan grew up listening to an extremely diverse range of music but he credits the adrenaline-fueled sound of punk bands like Lagwagon, Ten Foot Pole, Millencolin, MXPX, Slick Shoes, Fenix TX and Midtown for truly igniting his passion as a drummer. Over the years Ryan has built himself an impressive resume of accomplishments, his favorites being: Sharing the stage with The Ataris and MXPX, judging the Guitar Center: Drum Off, playing the Van’s Warped Tour, and being sponsored by SJC Drums, Steadfast Brand clothing and Rich Sticks. In his free time he is continuously looking for new projects and artists to play with and has done some work as a session drummer.
“LIVE LOUD”….is a phrase he always lives by meaning: live life with no limits and push yourself as far as possible. Do it with a loud “voice” to inspire people to do the same and leave a “impact” in this world.






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