Tim Montgomery

Tim Montgomery 1Tim Montgomery – I began with a guitar at a very early age, but drums always caught my eye.  I got my first kit in 1964.  From then on its been nonstop practice.  I have been very fortunate to play with exceptional players throughout my career.  Right from the get go, I started playing with Billy Cole Reed, a local musician that was having regional success.  As years passed I played with a few college groups. The area I am from in Southern Illinois is considered Little Egypt  because of the geographical resemblance of the two rivers meeting at Cairo Illinois.  A local group cashed in on the location, and obviously enough called themselves the Egyptian Combo.     They formed in1961.  I joined the band in the summer of 1968.     The band had semi-national success with a few records on the Norman and MGM Record label.    The EC endured the times to have even a city park shelter  built and a memorial plaque which read, “The Egyptian Combo, Southern Illinois’ Flagship Rock and Roll Band for over 50 years,” dedicated in our honor.   Throughout the years I embraced my independent projects, recordings and session work.

I also play in a tribute band, called Threetles Beatle Band.  You can hear us on ReverbNation or my Facebook site.  There are about 8 live recordings on there.  The group is managed out of Kansas City.

Through the years the group the EC has opened for a who’s who of talent.  Rufus Chaka Khan, REO Speedwagon, Cryin Shames, Aliota, Haynes, and Jeremiah (Spirit),  Buckinghams, Tesla, Wayne Cochran and the CC Riders, Rotary Connection with Minnie Ripperton, The  Outsiders, Michael McDonald with The Guild, The American Breed, Confederate Railroad, The Young Rascals, Head East, Lee  Michaels, and The Silver Bullet Band just to name a few.

I have recorded rock, country and gospel music and have been very fortunate to do a wide variety of session work.  Some of the artists I have recorded with are Glory Landers, Ray Bennett,  The Truth Seekers, Cruzin,  Joe Stanley from Danny Seals, Bobby Reed, Doug  Journagan, Greg Galbrath.  These are a few studios I have done sessions in:   Audio Creations, Paul Franklin’s CBO Records Studio, Bobby Reed’s Green Tree Studio, WGGH Studio, Appletown Studio, Cooper Studio,  and Smokehouse Studio.

I shared the stage with some very good players, Bobby Reed, Doug Journagan, Greg Galbrath, “Nashville Session artist”, Bruce Brown, Guitar player for Charlie Daniels, Mike Sturgis ofCrosby, Stills, and Nash (also a member of  the Egyptian Combo), Margo Smith, Farron Young, J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet (backup singers for Elvis Presley), George Bennett, the Hensens for PBS TV, again to name a few.