Tim “Slice” Williams








Hickory .580″ diameter, 16.5″ length, .280″ neck w/ barrel tips.

Timothy Williams began his musical journey in a church called Maple Springs Baptist Church at the age of 7. By the age of 9 he was playing for all the church’s various choirs; The Junior Choir, Teen Choir, Young Adult Choir and Adult Mass Choir. By the age of 13 he had begun his first tour with the Adult Mass Choir of Maple Springs. They traveled across the East Coast to various locations. Not long after, the name “SLICE” was born.

SLICE” is not only a fitting verb for the action that takes place when Timothy Williams is on the kit, but it’s also an acronym that defines the lifestyle of this worship drummer. The name “SLICE” was birthed at the age of 14 while playing at Jehovah Jireh Christian Fellowship in Clinton, Maryland near where he grew up. He played under the leadership of Pastor Crowley who gave him the name that blossomed into something very POWERFUL. At that time Tim’s primary drum influences were Pastor Crowley and Jay Williams (previous Jagged Edge drummer).  As Jay began to travel on the road SLICE gained his opportunities to grace the kit. Since then, “SLICE” has become more than just a mere nick-name. “SLICE”, meaning Saved Living In Christ Eternal life, has become the standard Tim lives by wherever he goes.


As time progressed, SLICE became more involved with drums. In high school he toured with Dante’s Inferno, his school’s jazz band, and was active in the school’s pep band. His major milestone became being named drum-line captain his sophomore year. He then went on to hold his place in leadership until he graduated. From that point on, it was obviously seen that SLICE was gifted by God to do what he does on the drums. “SLICE’s” artistry and creativity is out of this world.

“SLICE” attended Claflin University located in Orangeburg, SC. He majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. There he continued in leadership as he played for and became the musical director of the Claflin University Gospel Choir. He has, since then, had the opportunity to record, play live sessions for or open up for Tye Tribbett, Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp, Isaac Carree, Le’Andria Johnson, Kirk Franklin, KJ Scriven, Jonathan Nelson, Wess Morgan, James Hall, Hezekiah Walker, Kim Burrell, John P. Kee, Daniel Johnson, Stacey Joseph(former member of Israel and New Breed), JSOUL, John Lakin & BOW, Regina Skeeters, Kenny Smith, Chad Chambers, Angie Cleveland, Kristen Williams, Tiffany J and Jared Pendergrass.

He currently attends and is the main drummer at Word of God Church and Ministries and has founded a Christian drum school based out of Columbia, SC called Salvational Sounds DrumWorks Company. The school’s concept, vision and name were given to him by God to promote Jesus Christ to all musicians, primarily drummers. SS DrumWorks Company’s main focus is THE HEART OF GOD and its aim is to answer the question; “how can one channel the passion for Christ and the passion for drums together to create a sound of worship that leads people directly to God while remaining faithful to God and pure in heart?”


The objective of this drum school is not to simply create, mold and shape new drummers and drum students but to transform the mind of the musician into one that seeks to please and aid God with his/her gift. Skill is important, but the heart and spirit are solely important. Drummers must possess the heart of God to effectively use their skill for prophetic warfare. The drums represent the heart of God in worship and literally drive worship and carry the pulse of His move. The vessel must understand how to deny self and hear God. Every move made and every strike of the drum can either aid in the freeing of hearts and souls in spiritual realms or the binding of hearts and minds in spiritual realms.

1 Samuel 16:23 And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that David took an harp, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed , and was well , and the evil spirit departed from him.

SLICE is also a Saluda Cymbal endorsee with a custom cymbal line called, “SLICE Series Cymbals” which can be found on the Saluda Cymbals website.