Custom Drumsticks by Rich Sticks

At Rich Sticks you can design your own pair of custom drumsticks for what you'd pay for cookie-cutter sticks at the music store. And you can be assured that they will be tempered tough, because we use the very best hickory, maple and oak available and select the straightest grained dowels to become our premium playing sticks. Choose your size, length, tip and specify your preferred finish. Optionally, add your signature or band logo to your custom drumsticks. Read what our endorsers have to say about the quality and durability of our handmade custom drumsticks and then try a pair for yourself today!

Rich Sticks artist, Christopher “IMD” King


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When I reached out to Rich Sticks, Joshua emailed me back almost immediately. It’s not often you get such a quick response and it instantly showed me the kind of professionalism I was dealing with, which is key in all business. They worked with me on building a custom stick which is what set them apart from everyone else. I have never felt so comfortable and confident in my playing. The balance on these sticks are unlike any other. As a drummer, I’ve had sticks give out on me during shows, I’m constantly replacing sticks, time and money gets lost in that shuffle. Playing as many genres as I do, finding a stick that’s durable is always difficult. I have been playing with the same pair of Rich Sticks for weeks now and the most AMAZING part is, the look almost untouched. The beeswax feature is also very cool because it allows me to have full control of my sticks at all times. I’m certain I will never play another drumstick again. I recommend Rich Sticks to any and all drummers and percussionist. Durable, comfortable, and exceptional professionalism is the epitome of Rich Sticks. ~Chris “Imd” King

Rich Twist Multi-Rods give you 3 sticks in one!

Rich Sticks Twist Rods

Rich Sticks gift certificates are the perfect stocking stuffer for the drummer in your life!

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