Custom Drumsticks by Rich Sticks

At Rich Sticks you can design your own pair of custom drumsticks for what you'd pay for cookie-cutter sticks at the music store. And you can be assured that they will be tempered tough, because we use the very best hickory and maple available and select the straightest grained dowels to become our premium playing sticks. Choose your size, length, tip and specify your preferred finish. Optionally, add your signature or band logo to your custom drumsticks. Read what our endorsers have to say about the quality and durability of our handmade custom drumsticks and then try a pair for yourself today!

On Monday, October 16, 2017, Rich Sticks, LLC announced our intent to close the business on Dec. 31, 2017. We will continue to take orders for sticks through November 3, and accessories will be available until all inventory is sold. 

If you do order sticks, please be patient with us in delivering them. We aren’t sure how many orders we will get and how long it will take to produce them, but of course we will keep you updated on progress and all orders will be filled.

We want to convey our deep appreciation for your business and support over these past 4+ years. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, it has been an honor!

Rich Sticks artist, Roman Kancepolski

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I have been using Rich Sticks for a while and I'm really impressed with the sticks. The response, durability, versatility, great grip, and they respond very well to all kinds of dynamics which is a must for me since I cover styles from big band to hard rock. These sticks feel great! I was also very surprised by the fact that you can design your own sticks according to your needs. What I really like about Rich Sticks is the fast response when you contact them. They will return your call or email right away, proving you are dealing with a serious and professional company that delivers a great costumer service in the drumstick business. I’m really pleased with Rich Sticks and looking forward to playing these great sticks for many, many gigs. Definitely top quality products and services! ~Roman Kancepolski

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