Aaron Jones

Aaron JonesAaron Jones, “Dbla Drummer”, is a veteran Thrash/Metal drummer with over 24 years experience. Since the age of 5 I have had a passion for drums and a natural ability to play by ear which sets me apart from most aspiring musicians. I am currently a member of the National Band Etched in Stone who recently finished a tour and is releasing their 3rd full length CD which will be released August 19th 2016. I am also a member of the popular local band Nothing But Losers who was recently awarded best metal band at the 2015 MAMA Awards hosted by Chris Ricci.

I have participated in music festivals like XFest Modesto which brings a crowd of 20,000. I have also shared the stage with numerous well known bands including Otep, Puddle of Mudd, Motograter, Death Angel, American Head Charge, Rhapsody, Primal Fear, White Chapel, and Static -X just to name a few. I also attended the 2016 NAMM Show and I am currently the proud endorser of Love Custom Drums, Imperial Cymbals and ColdCock Whiskey.

I am currently doing studio/session drumming for anyone interested in my services to open other avenues of growth as a musician. I plan to continue working hard on the bands upcoming CD and prepare for touring with both bands in 2016-2017 which are currently being negotiated. I am steadily working on my youtube channel and other social media outlets to spread my passion of drums to others as well as promote the amazing quality products I endorse.

Social Media/personal/band links:

Etched in Stone:
Nothing but Losers:
Facebook.com/jonesdrummer (personal)
Facebook.com/dbladrums (artist page)

Aaron Jones