Brady Hearn

Brady HearnBrady Michael Hearn, born November 28th, 1995 is a self-taught drummer from a small town called Windsor Pennsylvania. Conquering major ground in just a short amount of time, Brady received his first drum set at the age of 15 years old from his parents Tammy and Scott Hearn. Gaining the ability to teach himself to play the drums and to craft his work as a musician with the help of his father who also was a musician, Scott which played the electric guitar in a rock band helped in different ways. Even though at a late start Brady was catching on quickly but with amount of countless hours spent practicing the drums you can only get better.

Just only a few months into playing the drums Brady was given the opportunity to audition for his father’s rock band after the previous drummer had to step down from the position. Achieving the goal of the position Brady had to move fast with only having a week to learn 12 original songs of the bands material. Brady’s first show was for the local rock radio station to perform at the State Fair for their Under theRadar event held for both local and national act bands. The show which was   a success gained major local attention because of the unique lineup of the band and Brady’s abilities of playing at his age. Soon the band would be playing in the bar scene, now at the age of 16 years old Brady was gaining major local and regional attention from people making him the talk of the town. The band quickly landed some pretty big gigs opening up for national acts such as Adrenaline Mob, Sponge, and Lez Zeppelin. Not only was it impressive the band got to do these big shows but what is even more impressive is that Brady himself was doing all the booking for these shows.

Learning most of his business skills from his older brother Brandon who was also around music most of his life was a great guide into the right direction for Brady. Shortly after the band had then parted ways officially in 2014.Brady Hearn

That did not put a end on Hearns motivation to move forward. Now, at 19 years old Brady formed a new band of his own called ‘Essential End’. A very unique lineup of a father and son, Scott’s childhood best friend Tad Davis on vocals. Having a vision with this new lineup Brady wanted to take this band to higher grounds. Bringing in High school friends Connor Green and Caleb Staner the band would then land some major gigs supporting national recording artist such as Buckcherry, Saving Abel, Butcher Babies, Texas Hippie Coalition, and many more. Within a year of being a new active rock band in the rock scene Brady was taking it into a whole new direction.

Beginning to get major radio airplay in not just the U.S but all around the World earning a full page write up on the band in Stencil Magazine. Hearn using his skills of working social media he would gain the band a worldwide fan base and grab many people’s attention in the music business. In April 2016 Brady landed the band a Artist Partnership deal with the rock label Pavement Entertainment getting the band a foot in the door into the music business. Pavement released their first EP ‘Deadwood’ globally and even had a spot in Revolver Magazine’s August/September issue for the release.

Brady HearnShortly after the release Brady worked with M7 agency to put together their very first tour targeting the mid-west traveling all the way from Pennsylvania to kick off in Kansas City for a two week tour supporting top 40 active rock chart band Blacklite District. While out on tour Brady landed his first endorsement deal with TRX Cymbals played by drummers like Josh

Baker (Mariah Carey), Jp “Rook” Capelletty ( Machine Gun Kelly), Darryl Howell (Nicki Minaj), and many more. Now with some years of experience under his belt Brady continues to strive farther to craft his work.