Brandon Lee Lewis

Brandon Lee LewisBrandon Lee Lewis, a musician, drummer, and teacher, hails out of south eastern Texas. Raised in the small town of Somerville, Texas near Austin, Brandon began his exploration of music under the guidance of Carl Idlebird, who gave him the basic skills of working as a musician. During this period Brandon began performing and learning in orchestral and drum corps settings. After a few years of developing a foundation in the percussion family of instruments Brandon set out on the path of drum kit playing while at the same time becoming more entrenched in orchestral and drum corps formats, which is a primary love for him.  With some years of preparation under his belt Brandon began working as a professional free-lance musician while in high school. Afterwards, Brandon went on to attend the University of North Texas where he studied with the great drummer and instructor, Ed Soph. Subsequent to his North Texas experience Lewis moved to New York City where he attended The New School University. At The New School, Brandon furthered his studies under jazz greats such as Reggie Workman, Charles Tolliver, Charlie Persip and Lewis Nash, to name a few. Brandon Lee Lewis

With the blessings and lessons learned from these aforementioned master instructors, Brandon has gone on to play and record professionally with many artists and situations spanning different styles and musical circles. Some examples are Kenny Garrett, Harry Whitaker, Myron Walden, Azar Lawrence, Alex Harding, Frank Lacy and Shelton Becton. Along with these experiences Brandon has also played in the orchestra for Broadway shows, “The Color Purple” and “Memphis”. While his primary base of operations is New York City Brandon has traveled the world for the purpose of musical performance. Due to this, he has developed a cult following in several places. His multifaceted approach to playing allows him to play different styles of music with an authentic sound. As a result, people often relate him with only one style of music and are astonished once they hear and see him thrive in musical settings that are seemingly unrelated to the backdrop in which they first discovered him.

Brandon Lee LewisAs of now along with the continuance of sideman work and teaching, Brandon has his own band which is known as The Program of Deprogramming. It was born from Brandon’s love of writing music; his desire to have a place where his close associates and fellow members can also showcase their compositions while developing several band sounds with a consistent base and comprehensive message; and his need to understand and express what’s really turning the world on its axis. This band has many influences but it is not held stagnate in any one of them, and it’s spirt of adventure along with a strong sense of situational appropriateness has given this band a unique sound while being rooted in the rich, American Musical tradition.  P.O.D has one recording in release with the title of “Lux Hermetica”. All of the music except for one selection are Brandon Lee Lewis’s works. The exception is an arrangement of a composition by John Coltrane. The best way to experience this band however is live due to its constant state of growth, unpredictable nature, and its full spectrum of energy.