Carlos Bojorquez

Carlos BojorquezCarlos Bojorquez is one of the pioneers in the Latin realm of drumming in San Diego CA. For the past 7 years, Carlos Bojorquez was seen by thousands on stage with Christian Latin Recording Artist Ericson Alexander Molano. He is a vital member of the band that played a big role in making Ericson’s sound what it is today.

Long before he performed on national recordings and events. He discovered his love for drumming by crashing and clanging on his mom’s pots and pans at the age of three. Carlos grew up in the Christian music scene of San Diego California, where he played in church for the first time at the age of seven, and he hasn’t looked back since.Carlos Bojorquez

Now at the age of 27 he’s served as a drummer for studio and live recordings for Christian Latin Recording Artist Ericson Alexander Molano. He has worked and shared the stage with Multiple Christian Artists such as, Freddy Rodriguez, Ricardo Sanchez, BJ Putnam, Adam Raney, Miel San Marcos, Danilo Montero, Marcos Witt to name a few. And he is also the man behind the beat on countless other studio recordings.

Carlos is currently in the studio working on his own project hoping to be able to impart his knowledge by working with the next generation, and strongly believes that the upcoming generation of musicians and worship leaders hold the future to the Christian music industry. He encourages these young musicians to believe in themselves and know that they can live out their dreams.

Besides Rich Sticks, Carlos currently endorses Zion Cymbals.

Carlos Bojorquez