Christopher “IMD” King

Chris "IMD" KingChristopher “IMD” King is a professional drummer currently residing in Louisville, Kentucky. Born in Kentucky, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia with his family at the age of 14. Upon graduation, Chris moved back to Louisville to begin his career as a professional musician. Local gigs, weddings, church conferences, private parties, concerts, and fashions shows, Chris has covered them all.

Playing over 200 gigs locally in Louisville each year, he has become the Derby City’s “go-to” drummer. He got his roots in gospel music, and began playing for a local church choir at the young age of 9 years old. From there, Chris would become the sought out “young drummer” known around the city. Getting paid a weekly salary at the age of 9 years old isn’t bad at all.

At the age of 11, he became a part of the Bellarmine University Jazz Band. But due to school and scheduling, this was a short-lived opportunity. It was one that Chris will never forget as it opened his eyes, ears and heart to what would become a long-standing love affair with jazz music.

Chris continued playing jazz throughout high school and while playing the “trap set” for the Centennial High School Jazz Band in Roswell, Georgia, he was privileged to attend and participate multiple times in the Savannah Music Festival.Chris "IMD" King

Upon graduating high school, Chris moved back to his Bluegrass roots to begin a full-time career as a professional drummer. With Chris being exposed to and playing for so many genres of music, he has become a well-rounded player, with astonishing control and discipline. His creativity is not easily matched.

Christopher “IMD” King has been musically affiliated with many local and national bands. From being the opening act for Robert Randolph & The Family Band, to playing for various bands such as The Jackson Kings, Kevin Cummings Band, Ricky Morse Music Group, Infamous, Benny J & Friends, Soul River Brown, Yani Babi, and most recently touring with Nashville’s own Stump Tail Dolly.

Christopher’s blend of jazz, rock, rhythm & blues, reggae, country, and gospel are a perfect example of how to “not” be put in a box, not to allow labels to define who we are. He can bring gospel flare to a jazzy tune; the power of rock to the soul of country; the freedom of reggae Chris "IMD" Kingto rhythm & blues; and he can take a gospel song and cause you to question “should be moving this way in church?” He’s got the ability to make you “feel” every beat of his drum and will cause you to get lost in the rhythm, no matter the genre. Some say it’s the Gemini in him; the twin personality. Whatever it is, it’s a gift and a talent not to be taken lightly!