Cole Miner

Cole MinerCole Miner – A lot of people describe my playing style a few different ways…usually with one word, such as explosive, aggressive, or just plain powerful. Over years of coming home from school, locking myself in my room, shutting the blinds, and mastering my craft for hours on end, built up aggression, anger, and an intense drive to play heavy metal music has molded my style into what it is today.

My musical journey began when I was 2 years old. I got a drum kit for Christmas after begging my parents for one for months. They never knew why I had such a love for being behind a kit. Especially at an age where I could barely talk. I began with country music, and played it until I was about 6 years old because it’s what my mom always listened too. I then turned onto AC/DC and the rest was history. It just got heavier and heavier over the years. Bit I also branched off into other genres (especially jazz). I have used these influences, and try to play things that most people haven’t heard before. I love to be innovative and come up with odd things that probably nobody has ever even thought of. I mean, we all should as musicians right? Its what makes it so much fun! Cole Miner

I’ve played with numerous garage bands over my teenage years until about a year ago when I joined The Black Order. Were an extremely serious band that plays shows constantly. If were not out on the road touring, were at home writing music and scheduling shows every day.. I eat, sleep, and breathe heavy metal and playing drums. Another thing I love doing is talking with other drummers. Especially ones who play different styles. I run into a lot of drummers out on the road and there is nothing I love more than turning people onto new gear and techniques that they haven’t tried before. And in turn learning a lot of things from them. It just makes my drive to play even stronger when I see myself progressing, getting better, and being a part of the scene all over the country. Which is why I would love to be doing all of this with a brand of sticks that I truly believe in, and love to use!