Damantte Jacobs

Damantte JacobsMy name is Damantte Jacobs and I am a musician from Raymond, MS. I’ve been playing drums since I was 5 years of age. I also played my first gig when I was about 16 here in my home town.

I attend Hinds community college located in Raymond ms, my major is computer data basics which teach students how to design web pages and fix on broken computers. My life as a musician is very fun and I am able to network with a lot of different other artist gig with them and do more networking with them on a daily basics most artist say that I am a very humbled person and that I play very well. I really thank God for the Damantte Jacobsamazing gift that he has given me to use and show the world what I am made of I am not scared to show my talent and not have a bad spirit along with my playing. I love to keep a humble spirit so that I can show others that they can make it as long as they focus and put there minds to it. Lots of people ask me how do I get these jobs with artist and travel with some I just tell them first its all God and you have to go out and network with other artist and musicans so that they can get to know your spirit, then you move on from there until the next step appears. It happens only to those that trust and believe in God, plus keep a humble sprit. No matter what, you should always have a smile on your face to let others see how strong you are when you get behind whatever instrument that the man upstairs has put in your hands to use.

This year, 2016, I met a great stick company by the name of Rich Sticks and I tried a pair of their custom sticks out for myself and when I tell you that they felt great in my hands while I was playing drums. They made me feel great behind the drums! I felt like a super star having my own custom drum sticks and cymbals to carry around with bags, stickers, banners that’s all that I needed to start my career off.

I also am an endorser of Soultone cymbals they’re a great company and have great product.