Daniel Jackson

drumsDaniel Jackson is an American gospel/soul/pop/rock/ r&b and hip-hop drummer/DJ. Born in Atlanta, GA Daniel found his love for the drums at the very tender age of 2. Daniel begin beating on pots and pans with spoons while in his mother’s home and whenever outside playing you could find Daniel beating on water buckets, empty plant containers, and old Chevy hubcaps. At church you could find Daniel on the row closest to the drum set inching his way toward them. His love for music came from hearing gospel and music in the 80’s from artist such as Whodini, Curtis Blow, Earth Wind and Fire, George Clinton and Parliament, Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Phil Collins, etc. blaring throughout his mother’s home. He later gained more interest, discipline, technique, and love for the drums when he met his elementary band director, who also ended up being his middle school and high school band director. 1's and 2's

Now at the age of 30 Daniel “DJABOUTBUSINESS” is still going strong on the drums. Daniel has traveled with many different bands for church convocation, different conventions, corporate band functions with East Coast Entertainment and independently playing drums for all genres of music from Georgia to as far away as London, England. Daniel is currently the assistant band director and drum instructor for the Shiloh Middle School band program in Snellville, Ga. Daniel has also been the Music Director for Stronghold Christian Church in Lithonia, GA for the past 10 years. Daniel also works with the youth of several different non-profit organizations here in Atlanta. This is his way of giving back and showing his God given gift of playing drums to different communities. Along with that, Daniel has been of part of two hit stage plays “When Love Isn’t Enough” written and directed by Rob Jackson and starring Q Parker of the R&B group 112 and R&B sensation Keke Wyatt. The other was “Head Over Heels What Would You Do For Love”, a Lolita Snipes Productions stage play that hit the stage Valentine’s Day weekend 2015 with Gary Jenkins of the R&B group Silk and legendary jazz greats Theresa Hightower and William Green. Daniel also did the live drums in the studio for the soundtrack for this stage play which was produced by Outkast Grammy DJ Cutmaster Swift. Along with placing his style onto this soundtrack, Daniel has added his touches through executive production, arranging, and co – writing on the Shiloh Live Gospel album project in 2011 for the Shiloh High School Gospel Choir out of Snellville, GA under the direction of Mr. Craig Johnson.

drums 2With drums being his first love and as time progressed, Daniel took advantage of parties and situations where a band or DJ wasn’t present and he placed himself in the gap and at times could be seen playing the drums and DJ’ing in the same set. Today with over 28 years of musical experience on the drums you can hear Daniel’s charismatic sound spans the eras and unifies genres of body-rocking’ music. Daniel’s impeccable BPM matching from boombox classic hip hop to mothership trunk funk, spin smooth R&B treats, flip reggae dancehall riddims, throwback to ’80s pop freestyle, grooves the dancefloor with his creative mixing of instrumentals and acapella. As owner of DJABOUTBUSINESS PRODUCTIONS and a mobile DJ for the last 8 years and a drummer for 28 years Daniel has rocked many non- profit charitable events, gospel events, weddings, proms, house parties, birthday parties, family reunions, elementary/middle/high school events, sweet 16’s, over the hill’s, etc.