Desi Torres Jr.

Desi TorresDesi Torres Jr. is a self-taught gospel drummer who was raised in Pasadena, TX. He claims to follow the stylings on artists Chris Coleman, Varo, Tony Royster, and Darion Ja’von. His talented father, Desi Torres Sr., who is a gospel singer, also has influenced him. Desi Torres Sr. has traveled many places around the world to share his sought-out singing abilities. Additionally, almost everyone in his family either sings or plays an instrument. To Desi, music is more than just a hobby; it is a family tradition. When he was five years old, he picked up his first set of “drumsticks”, which were actually just two tree branches than he used to bang on his mother’s pots and pans. He joyfully played on this “homemade” drum set when he was told not too, until he received his first acoustic drum set at the age of seven. His talent was immediately recognized by many and it only grew from then on. When he was only nine years old, he started playing the drums at his home church, Divine Restoration in Pasadena, TX, where he still attends to this day. Desi Torres

As his talent grew, he was able to branch out and began playing at church conferences and camps, weddings, and even other churches around the area. Desi currently attends Urshan College in Florissant, MO. This school is very well known for their gospel music. Their choir and chorale have produced over ten albums and go on tour every summer. Recently, Desi was selected to play the drums for the Missouri All-State Choir, which also goes on mini tours throughout the year. Desi’s dreams are to tour all over the world playing drums for a Christian band. He recently had dreams to play in the major leagues as he started playing college baseball in 2014 for a year, but then realized that his passion was more in to music. Desi also endorses 1964 IEMs and with Trexist Cymbals. He is pursuing music like never before and definitely wants to do it for a living for a long as he can. Currently, he is striving to make an impact on and to act as role model for young musicians.

Desi Torres