Dimitri Jungi

DimmanMy name is Dimitri Jungi and I´m from Stockholm Sweden. I started playing at the age of 18 without really looking for it. My mother signed me up for a beginner drum lesson course and due health issues she couldn’t make it. As the lessons were refundable she asked me if I would want to give it try, I accepted it and I thought it might be fun.

After the first month of lessons I was really hooked and started to take it very seriously. I became one of top students after the first year, so my teacher at the academy got me to jump up two levels. I became more and more interested to learn about technical rhythm. I brought all the homework practice with me wherever I went. I always had my sticks with me so I could drum on whatever I found…on my way to school in the bus I would drum on the seats and on every lunch break I would drum on my knees or whatever that’s was around me. I even had my sticks beside at the dinner table!. I took lessons there for about Three years

After that I got my first very own drum kit and started playing on my own, a mix of what I was listening to back when, rock ´n roll and heavy metal. After a while my mother gave me a CD that changed my perception towards drums as an instrument and opened my eyes to a whole new level: Compact Jazz of Gene Krupa. Despite the fact that I was not into Jazz it fueled my desire to improve my technique.Dimman

After a while I joined a cover band where I played rock classics. A year later, I decided to start my own band and to be involved in several projects without stopping practicing by myself. I gathered all the information I could get regarding Drums such as books and videos to continue to develop my own style During that time I was totally into self learning.

In 2008 I was in a minor motorcycle accident, I hurt my shoulder bad and sadly I had to stop playing drums for almost a year. It was a long road back to get in shape and to be able to play at my level again. So, I made my self a promise to reach a better form and to drum at the best of my ability, because Drums are my true passion and music is in my soul, it’s what keeps me on the path.

I like to challenge myself and try to blend in different kind of genres into my own style of “painting” behind the drums. Blues and some kind of fusion jazz are my main influences. I made some good friends on that journey of mine and got involved in a few new bands. I am currently playing in When Nothing Remains, a doom metal band. So here I am standing today very proud of achieving some of my goals so far on this journey. There is still a lot to learn and absorb and there are always new elements in life that surround and inspires you to develop your creativity in playing music. For me personally to sit behind the drums and fly away into a world of beats and rhythm´s is a privilege and I see my self as very lucky to have this passion of mine.


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