Dominic Cole

Dominic ColeDominic Cole – With constant tapping and movement since the day he could stand we knew our son had rhythm in his soul. We were told by his kindergarten teacher that she believed Dominic would be a drummer. He wasn’t allowed to have two pencils, paintbrushes, or anything in stick form, at one time, in class. Realizing that the tapping grounded Dominic and settled his nerves she allowed him to tap quietly under his desk, on his lap.   At the age of 5 years old, after the purchase of a  beginner drum set, Dominic put meaning behind that tapping with the ability to carry a beat using all his limbs, syncopation. We never imagined that this would transpire into what has become. Dominic Cole

Dominic Cole started taking lessons at Jeff Samataro Music for the Drums at the end of July, 2015, shortly after his seventh birthday. We were fortunate to find an instructor with enthusiasm and patience to nourish our sons ability. He couldn’t believe the “natural raw talent” that Dominic displayed. Being a Berklee Graduate in percussion, a College professor at SNHU, a Middle School music teacher, and an instructor to 45 private students, he had to re-approach his teaching style with Dominic. They work on rudiments and study techniques from famous drummers from all genres of music. Dominic currently plays  by ear. Reading music will be introduced in the future. Drum lessons have become our most enjoyed part of our week.

A few months after starting lessons we started recording drum covers as a means to document his progress. We posted a video on YouTube to share with his grandparents who live out of state. To our surprise, it received numerous views, likes, shares, and comments from people around the world. This was very encouraging to Dominic and motivated him to play and practice more. With each video his audience has grown and his confidence has followed. He has been invited to perform at many venues and has sat in with numerous musicians. He is a humble and shy little boy but when he sits in his throne his energy is captivating.

Dominic ColeAs parents, we have sought to surround him with positive experiences, influences, and mentors. We have taught him to be proud of his accomplishments but to commend others and compete with no-one but himself. With hard work and practice the sky is the limit.

Even though playing the drums are his true passion, he is a typical and very active little boy. He loves basketball, soccer, and playing with his friends. Through his drum videos, he has inspired a number of children to take up the drums. During music class, his videos have been shown to  provide as an example for techniques and rudiments.

We have never pushed him to play, rather encourage and support this love in the drums. We are enjoying this chapter in our sons life. We hope all who watch his videos will  like, comment, share, and enjoy in his ongoing progress.

Thank you for your support!

The Proud Parents of Dominic Cole – Drummer

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