Dylan Turner

Dylan TurnerDylan Turner is a 21 year old drummer from southern Maryland who is currently playing with the Phillip Michael Parsons Band.

Dylan has been seen with several bands in Southern Maryland over the past 3 years and has recording credits on multiple albums from artist in the area. Primarily a rock/country drummer, Dylan plays all styles of music and is known for his high energy performances.

Prior to joining bands in the Southern Maryland area, Dylan played drums in church for 3 years. Being a Christian, Dylan cherishes the time he spent playing in churches and would not trade it for anything. He thanks God for each and every opportunity he gets to sit behind a kit.

Dylan’s love for music started at a young age. His father owned a music venue where Dylan grew up listening to live music every weekend and he would frequently sit in with the bands that would play there.

Drumming is much more than a hobby for Dylan, it is a passion, and he plans to continue drumming to see where it takes him.Dylan Turner