Eddie Cruise

live pic 80s ITPAt the age of 16 was the first time Eddie Cruise sat behind a Rodgers Drum kit…”I never played before and the guys in the room said c’mon count it off… he clicked the sticks 4x and started playing surprising himself and everyone in the room. Six months later I played my first gig at a High School dance. One year later I was playing every VFW, American legion and of course any keg party I could get to. Two years later I was playing every weekend in rock bars in Chicagoland area and practicing daily obsessed with the styles of John Bonham, Neal Peart, Tommy Aldridge and Keith Moon. This prepared me for an era I’ll never forget. The 80s…what a great time to be a musician, we had big hair, outrageous clothes and guys wore makeup although then it wasn’t cool for public. All the shows had big production lights, sound, fog and pyrotechnics. We played big venues across the Midwest almost nightly to sold-out crowds. Rock and roll was off the charts like never before and not since.

Entering the 90’s I was on the road with a band out of Chicago. The music scene was changing and venues across the country were disappearing.headShot 80sITP

The 80’s phenomenon was ending but we kept stretching it as far as we could. In 1995 I stopped touring and settled in Daytona Beach Florida where I had many opportunities to play with a lot of epic artists such as Billy Keeton of Skrape and currently Audiotopsy, Dro Sison also from Skrape. Bobby Friss Band, recorded by Brett Hestla of Creed, recently became fill in drummer for Michael Aston’s Gene Loves Jezebel, and finally, of course, last but not least The Famous Kenny Wilkerson and JP Cervoni of Nova Rex from 2013 to now.

NOVA REX takes movie star glamour and hair metal swagger into millions of homes with the real-life rockumentary “Nova Rex: Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy” on the Documentary Channel, Netflix, Hulu, ITunes, Xbox and Google Play and also available @ Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, Kmart, Best Buy, etc. NOVA REX keeps the hard rock party alive since 1985 with a little help from their partners THE KING OF BEERS Budweiser. Their memorabilia is archived in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum, the Smithsonian National Museum of American History & Hard Rock Cafes representing 80’s metal. We are also featured in the new film “Hair I Go Again” with other artists such as Motley Crue, Tesla, Warrant, Queensryche, and many more! We’ve enjoyed sharing stages with The Babys, Kix, LA Guns, Slaughter, Firehouse, Lita Ford, Gilby Clark, John Corabi, and many more which has earned me the reputation as one of The Hardest Working Drummers in Rock & Roll.

liveMy Motto… “Give it all you got in your heart every day in case you’re not here tomorrow.”

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