Eric Kirkland

Eric KirklandEric Kirkland is a native of the Washington, DC metropolitan area:  He was born in Washington, DC and lived in Rockville, Maryland and Fairfax, Virginia before moving to West Virginia in 2008.  He graduated from Bridgeport High School and enrolled at West Virginia University to study aerospace engineering before realizing his dreams and aspirations were elsewhere.

Eric is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, live sound and recording engineer, producer, and promoter.  His first instrument was the pitch pipe, followed quickly by tambourine, rhythm sticks, triangle, cowbell, and harmonica. His formal music education began with piano and violin at age 5.

Over the past eight years since moving to West Virginia, he has been a member of numerous bands in the north central region around Morgantown and Bridgeport. He was lead guitarist for Mail on Sunday (a high school cover band), bassist for Timelines, and currently is drummer for Current State.

He is lead guitarist and founder of the band A Greener Shade of Blue which has appeared throughout the region, including a gig at the famous 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.  Recording AGSOB after winning a battle of the bands at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh, he developed expertise using ProTools HD at SoundScape Studios (now d/b/a TonŸic Studios) in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, under the tutelage of Doug Kasper.  For the final production, he re-recorded all of the instruments and vocals himself, with some cuts having over 60 instrument tracks to create a rich listening experience.

The range of music he plays extends from old-time Appalachian music, to the blues, to alternative rock. He recently has begun experimenting with pop and electronic dance music.Eric Kirkland

He is the founder of Strike the Match LLC and The Ginger Lair, a recording studio.  He has produced a variety of West Virginia acts including Worst Kept Secret, Forever Strong, What’s Missing, and Luke Smith. His clients appreciate that Eric can be a ruthless producer and will stop at nothing to get their best performance. He works with bands and solo artists to improve their sound and often provides fill-ins on electric, acoustic, and slide guitar; electric piano; organ (his “go to” instrument to add depth and round out recordings); bass; mandolin; and drums.  He also contributes string arrangements and backing vocals.  His recordings use Apple Logic Pro X.

He is also the Live Sound Engineer at the local Morgantown venue, Mainstage Morgantown, where he provides live sound reinforcement and mixing for many local, regional, and national acts.

Eric KirklandHe began playing the drums seriously in his early teens. Today he is drummer for Current State, as well as contributing to various artists’ recordings at The Ginger Lair. Eric’s drum idols are some of the hardest hitting drummers in rock-n-roll including Dave Grohl and John Bonham.  He strives to master the intricacies of the instrument with several hours practice every day.  His main kits are an updated 1964 Ludwig Club Date and a DW Performance Series, both in white marine pearl, with modern Zildjian cymbals and a Craviotto snare. The Ludwig drums include a 9”x13” snare-mounted rack tom, 14”x14” floor tom, 16”x16” floor tom, and a 14”x22” kick drum.  The DW Drums include a 10”x13” snare-mounted rack tom, 14”x16” floor tome, and a 16”x18” floor tom.  The cymbals for both kits include 15” K light hi-hats, 19” K custom hybrid crash, 23” A series Sweet Ride, and a 21” A series medium thin crash. The Craviotto snare is 6.5”x14”.