George Laliotis

George Laliotis George Laliotis has been a staple in the NH music scene for the last twenty years. George’s role as both a drummer and lead singer has set him apart from any other musician in the region.

He cut his teeth performing with the legendary, Concord-based, Lamont smooth from 1996 to 2005. In 2007 George transitioned to the Amorphous Band – one of NH’s premier, long standing, groove-based bands. George still performs with the Amorphous Band, and in 2008 also co-founded Mindseye, a Boston-based power trio. Which held residency and venues in both Boston and NH for 6+ years.

George has studied with Craig Fahey and world renowned drummer and educator, Dave DiCenso. Through years of study, practice and thousands of gigs, George developed into the sought-after drummer he is today. As a result, he has worked as a studio musician on dozens of albums at Rockinghorse Studios, The Recording Co-op, and studios throughout New England.George Laliotis

George enjoys and is well versed in playing any style of music.  Heavily influenced at an early age by James Brown, he spent years of study with Craig Fahey and personally learning the complex and funky grooves that drive his music. Influenced by Dennis Chambers, David Garabadi, Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Dave DiCenso and many, many other amazing drummers. George has a style that is all his own.