Ivan Payne

Ivan PayneThe beat of the drum started early, in 1981 for Ivan Payne. Hailing from the music rich region of Northwest Washington in Tacoma/Seattle, Ivan found himself surrounded by great musicians of every age, style and discipline. Like many of today’s great musicians, Ivan sharpened his skills in the church. Having gospel roots is what sets Ivan apart from many of today’s artists. The presence of God coupled with a strong sense of family, with his wife Carmen Payne, and daughter Cavana at his side, Ivan is a “NEW Millennium Musician” whose dedication to his craft makes him a much sought after artist/drummer.

While studying at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA, Ivan was exposed to many forms of Jazz, from improvisational to more structured Big Band Jazz. Now a graduate of Full Sail University. With his B.A in Music production, Ivan has learned from and preformed with the best. He has shared the stage with many critically acclaimed artists such as Fred Hammond, John P Kee, Beverly Crawford, Ricky Dillard, Hezekiah Walker, Olanda Draper, MC Hammer, Montel Jordan, Anson Dawkins Of Dawkins and Dawkins, and Amanda Brown of season 3, the Voice, just to name a few. Ivan Payne

Currently Ivan can be seen performing and touring with smooth Jazz groups: Kalimba, Darren Motamadey, Saeeda Wright, Clemm Rashid, Colelition, E Pruitt, Klyntel, Global Heat, And local artist: Lady A All-Star Band (Blues), Darrius Willrich (Soul) And Anson Dawkins (of the duo Dawkins and Dawkins Gospel). Ivan is also the MD for Rhyme Cartel recording artist Tomeka Williams (managed by Sir-mix-A Lot) and was asked to MD for the Kenoly Brothers International tour 2011. Despite the hustle and bustle of a hectic touring schedule, Ivan can still be seen each week faithfully leading in praise and worship at turning point ministries in Tacoma, WA. Ivan Payne is “ A New Millennium Musician”.

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