James Grey

JamesGrey3James Grey grew up in Ocean City NJ, the third generation drummer and multi-instrumentalist after his father and grandfather.  Growing up in a largely musical family, James quickly took to piano, violin and drums – choosing to focus on the latter most as his primary instrument at age nine.  After performing in every school group available, James started getting more involved in rock and electronic music.  After a short-lived semester at college, James moved to Boston to live with three roommates each studying different styles of music at the New England Conservatory.  Here he received his largest, most condensed education by sneaking into classes, collaborating and attending listening parties at the apartment – each tenant providing a new record to digest each night – for a year straight.  It was soon after this that James met Gaetana Brown, whom he would later marry – and started the art-rock/electronic project WAR TWINS.  They made a commitment to living as full time artists by building a bed in their van and embarking on a 6 month self-booked tour of the United States.  This would only begin what became a two year+ touring schedule, performing nearly four hundred shows across the nation.  James currently performs with WAR TWINS as well as produces original music & remixes under the moniker of Buffalo Hideout.