John Casale

John Casale John Casale Jr. was born October 7th, 1989 and raised in Yonkers, NY by his parents John and Lisa Casale and with his younger sister. He is mostly known for being the drummer of American Pinup, a band with an “explosive mixture of pop-savvy melody, punk rock attitude,” and “a tireless, DIY work ethic paired with undeniably infectious tracks and electrifying live shows,” according to New Noise Magazine. Currently working on recording new material with American Pinup, a 3-week long tour in September 2016, and planning 200 shows in 2017, you can say John Casale likes to stay busy playing music and hitting the road.

At the very young age of 4 years old, drums had already caught John’s attention. He remembers seeing and hearing about his dad and uncle’s old drum set at his grandparents’ house, which had been thrown away. Although he didn’t get to start playing just yet, he was still fascinated. Then he started noticing drums more and more often on TV and in movies. For example, Hocus Pocus, which came out when John was 5, has a scene where the main character runs downstairs to play drums causing his sister to yell for their mom! That would later become a scene in the Casale’s residence.

John CasaleJohn was the type of kid to grab anything he could get his hands on and playing every sport under the sun. At this point drums still very much interested him but there weren’t many opportunities to play. Finally, at 10 years old his grandparents got him started by giving him a snare drum for Christmas. He used to visit them in Pennsylvania for a week every year and that week all he did was sit with his snare drum. Not even realizing it he started developing his hands, playing whatever sounds and rhythms came out.

Drums weren’t easy to play a lot because, of course, they are loud! John would hit on his snare drum whenever he could and as long as he could until he was forced to stop by his parents or sister yelling. This only fueled his passion for drums, the more he couldn’t play the more he wanted to. Eventually, at age 15, just after one of his favorite albums, Green Day’s American Idiot was released; John started getting more serious about drums. He started an off the books job with his best friend and his best friends’ uncle. Sanding and painting walls he saved up enough money to buy his first full kit, a vintage Ludwig set that one of his other friends had sitting, rotting in their basement. This was around the same time YouTube had come about which became a very useful tool for him. It gave him a way to visualize and study drummers like Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Mitch Mitchell, Tre Cool, and Travis Barker (just to name a few). He started going to shows more often and saw his first punk rock band, The Offspring, at Vans Warped Tour. He immediately fell in love with the whole scene. From the fast, loud, and angst sounds to the moshing in the dirt- John loved every second of it. It wasn’t too long after that he joined his first garage band. On top of that he dabbled with drum line at his high school, although school was never much fun to him.John Casale

As of today John Casale is now 26 years old and after playing with countless bands and different artists, he found his place in the band American Pinup, who he had also been friends with and a fan of for years. With them he has ventured on several national tours, got the opportunity to play festivals like Vans Warped Tour and SXSW and they have been featured on Alternative Press Magazine’s 100 Bands You Need to Know. With 200 shows coming up in 2017, there are no signs of slowing down.

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