John Flowers

JF_1John Flowers – I’ve been playing drums for over 45 years and have played and recorded just about every style of music. After getting my first real drum kit for Christmas at age 3,(after wearing out Mom’s pots and pans), my parents figured out that I was serious about playing the drums. Those drums wore out quick and my Dad bought me my first set of Ludwig’s for my 5th birthday. I basically got my start playing in my Dad’s band, The Missionaires Quartet (Southern Gospel) at the age of 5. I was the “little kid” to begin with just trying to hold down some form of time, but playing in what seemed like every church, lodge and music hall in North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia for a few years really helped me. By the time I was 8, I was a functional drummer and they often made me take solos! If I never hear “Wipe Out” again, it will be too soon… I continued to support my Dad’s group until I was around 13 and discovered Led Zeppelin. My father knew what the deal was then and gladly let me do whatever I wanted and I started playing rock and roll… Eternal thanks to my Dad, Jimmy Flowers. My uncle’s and I started my very first Rock band at age 14 and from that point, it was officially on!74176_137140243005008_7254049_n

I am a former member of Sorrow Valley, one of the greatest metal bands from Johnston County, NC! I played for Hobart Willis and the Back Forty (Honky-tonk Country) and TCB (Elvis), both of which showcased the multi-talented, Heavy Rebel Weekender founder, Dave Quick. I also played on the Brown Mountain Lights (Americana) debut cd, Late Show at the Cave, which did well in Europe, here, not so much…. That band included Jeff Hart and also Ned Durant from Chatham County Line. I played on both of Don Bailey’s Circle of Friends(Jazz) records, which featured Don on many stringed instruments, most notably the banjo, and Dave Youngman, formerly of 3PM on Sax. Also, back in the early 90’s, I was a charter member of Jeff Hart and the Ruins, which featured the very talented singer-songwriter Jeff Hart, as well as The Backsliders founder, Chip Robinson on bass. In 2003, I joined the band Leadfoot. Their singer was Karl Agell, who gained his fame from the band, Corrosion of Conformity,(He sang on the influential, Blind record). We basically toured everywhere and supported their 3 previous records as well as recording many other tunes that will be released in 2016. Other bands I have been involved with are Kingdom of Rust(rock), Radio Fury(rock), Random(classic rock), High Class Low Lifes (Southern Punk), Zygoat (funk/rock), Abusement Park (metal), Steel Rage(metal), Bounce the Rubble(rock), Mr. Sticky(comic rock), Blind Alley(rock), Tightspace (blues), Hard Lick(metal), The Hi-Fi’s(rock), Structures(progressive/funk) and Adolescent Crush (pop rock) just to mention a few that you might have heard of. I was a student of John R. “Doc” Windley from the 4th to the 12th grade. That man was a genius!

46324_131664686885897_1603821_nIn addition to all that, I have been on the road with several huge bands (that I won’t mention) as a drum tech/sound and lighting tech, and worked thousands of shows in NC, SC, GA, TN and VA as a stagehand/drum tech for major venue local crews across the states. I will mention a few of the bands that I have, in one band or another, been lucky enough to either open for or share the stage with: Tom Petty, Steely Dan, Black Crowes, Aerosmith, Drive-by-Truckers, Ziggy Marley, Midnight Oil, Hootie & Blowfish, John Hiatt, Bobby Sutliff, Glenn Frey, COC, Steve Miller, Alice Cooper, REO Speedwagon, Ted Nugent, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, Chris Daughtry, 10,000 Maniacs, World Party, Walter Egan, The Woods, Nantucket, Blues Traveler, Les Dudek, The Avett Brothers and George Strait.

I am now playing drums in a couple of Jeff Hart’s current projects, including Jefferson Hart & The Ghosts of the Old North State (original rock) and Young Neil and the Damage Done (Neil Young covers). Here is a link to all things Jeff Hart… . JH & GOTONS just released a record, “Corolla Ponies in the Snow”. It is available at most record stores and on Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, etc.

I also play with Idlewild South (Allman Brothers Tribute) and the Dave George Trio (aka Dave George and Friends). Collectively, those 2 bands play approx. 100-150 shows a year. I also have a couple of other recording and touring projects working that will be coming out soon! Stay tuned for details!!

I started Healing Drums, which is a drum therapy business with my oldest son, a couple of years back and we provide drum therapy to area hospitals, nursing homes, etc., as well as team building exercises to businesses, personal clients and even Boy scouts.329783_248285558557142_1929213450_o

If you’re a drummer, and live in or have lived in NC, join the group I started on Facebook, the North Carolina Drummers Alliance. It currently has over 300 members including some of the greatest drummers ever to grace the state, including Kenny Soule(Nantucket/PKM), Jason Patterson(Cry of Love), Terry Anderson(Fabulous Knobs/The Woods), Reed Mullin(Corrosion of Conformity/Teenage Time Killers),Sam Bryant(Kenny Wayne Sheppard) and Ivan Hampden, Jr.(Luther Vandross/Ashford & Simpson), just to mention a few. Check out the links page on this site for a link to the NCDA page!



Jefferson Hart & The Ghosts of the Old North State

Idlewild South

Dave George and Friends