John McLucas

John McLucasLearning drums at the age of 10, studying privately under Mike Curotto, John McLucas has spent
half of his life in music. From the beginning, he naturally fell into leadership roles, showing his
dedication to music at an early age. Over time, he began to get hired gun and transcribing drum
work for local musicians and artists. As his skills and knowledge grew through formal drumming
and audio education at Musicians Institute, he started professionally engineering and producing
bands/artists such as Dewey and the Peoples, Global Affront, Maxx Pfisterer, Chris Schulze, Lisa
Haagen, Shattered Systems, and many more.John McLucas
After experience gigging in LA with various local groups, he met With Our Arms to the Sun, and
there was a strong musical connection, which led to John joining the group. With Our Arms to the
Sun is currently signed to Fade To Silence Records (CEO Paul Bibeau) and managed by of Alan Jones
(TOOL, Volto). Their album A Far Away Wonder was released on October 30th, 2015. Between tours, the band is already deep into writing sessions for their following release.
John currently is playing a Pearl Vision kit on the road, and will be using it for the next With Our
Arms to the Sun album. Besides Rich Sticks, he is proud to be endorsing Soultone Cymbals, TruTuner, Rimshot Locs,
and The Lift.


John’s YouTube Channel
YouTube Playthroughs of With Our Arms to the Sun music: