John Myslinski

John 2Hailing from Chicopee, Massachusetts, John Myslinski cites his main drumming
influence as his father Edward Myslinski. So naturally John inherited the trait
at a young age. He was around 3 years old when his dad showed him the
traditional way to hold the drum sticks, like Buddy Rich, Louie Belson, and
Joe Morello. (Joe Morello was from Holyoke, MA and took lessons years
earlier, from the same instructor as his dad.) Throughout the next 10 years
John didn’t really take drumming very seriously, but on occasion, would grab
some drum sticks lying around the house and play on the sofa, a chair, or
sometimes right on the kitchen linoleum floor. He would be beating along to
music his dad was playing on the stereo like Rock Around The Clock from Bill
Hailey and the Comets. But once in a while he would get a chance to play his
dad’s drums when they were set up in the house.

John 4
When John was in the fifth grade he asked his dad if he should take some
drum lessons offered at his elementary school; and believe it or not, his dad
suggested he play something besides drums–like the trumpet, Clarinet or
saxophone. Obviously, that didn’t happen.
It was at the age of 13 when John’s dad asked him if he wanted to start
taking private lessons, under one condition–that he practice at least one
hour a day. He said yes and started private lessons from the classically
trained percussionists/conductor and instructor Warren Myers of the
Springfield Symphony Orchestra. After two years with Mr. Myers, John
moved on to studying with the local jazz drummer Joe Raiche of Springfield,
MA (a very close friend of Joe Morello and they grew up taking lessons from
the same instructor). Still to this day, John uses what he learned from
studying with Mr. Myers and Mr. Raiche.
John 3Even though John’s instructors weren’t rock drummers, his father played a
variety of music at home. Anything from Little Richard to Sly and the Family
Stone; so traditional rock and roll became very natural for him to play. A
large part of his drumming style comes from listening to percussive legends
such as John Bonham, Joey Kramer, Phil Rudd, and the funk master David
Garibaldi of Tower of Power.
John currently unleashes his drumming power with several musical groups:
the Led Zeppelin tribute band American Zeppelin, the AC/DC tribute band
Back in Black, the Godsmack tribute Badmagick, the Foo Fighters tribute
band The Foo, and the Nirvana tribute known simply as A Tribute to Nirvana.
John also demonstrates his flair for tight, and accurate drumming in an all
original project with Livio Gravini and the Free Spirit Society, and in his
private sessions and free-lance work.

John 1
John has also had an endorsement with Noble & Cooley Drums since 2004.
“The first time I discovered Noble & Cooley Drums it was back in 1993 when
my father purchased a five piece set of solid maple shells with reinforcement
hoops. It was the first set of drums I’d ever played acoustically that sounded
like they were coming through a sound system. Needless to say, I was
hooked! I get at least a dozen compliments per show, regarding their great
looks and fabulous sound.” -John Myslinski