Joshua Stevenson

Joshua Stevenson Joshua Stevenson was born and bred in North Myrtle Beach South Carolina. He attended North Myrtle Beach High School where he participated in the marching band and also held the position as section leader in the drum line for three years. Joshua not only played in the high school band but he was also hired to play drums for Coastal Carolina University Gospel Choir, where he gained more experience and exposure as a musician. After receiving his high school diploma, he was hired by Horry County Schools where he became a drum instructor for his alma mater. This opportunity inspired him to further his education, so he soon relocated to Atlanta to attend Atlanta Institute Of Music where he graduated with a major in drums.  

Joshua’s relationship with music began at an early age. It all started when Joshua’s parents noticed that he always was moving to the rhythm– whether it was clapping in church or beating on the walls around the house. With his father being a pastor and his mother a choir director, Joshua was always constantly surrounded by music and great direction. They knew it was something special about Joshua’s relationship with music so they supported his interests and purchased  his first drum set on his third birthday. He kept up with his new hobby so well that they later allowed him to start playing in their church. 

    As Joshua began to age so did his gift. His hobby quickly developed into a profession. One of his major influences was a hoJoshua Stevensonmetown drummer by the name of Michael Woodard. From Woodard he learned how to be more disciplined within his art. He also learned how to make a more distinguished sound– something more personal. He continued to grow within his father’s church and soon became a staple figure within the choir. By that time Joshua had not only conquered the drums but he was introduced to playing the keyboard and directing choirs. He managed to establish a gospel group called Souls After Christ. This group has performed at local churches, for special events, and even behind Bishop Paul Morton of Changing a Generation. Before departing to Georgia he had the opportunity to play the drums for other churches in the area that also appreciated his technique. 

While crafting his art at Atlanta Institute of Music, he learned under the authentic teachings of Creig Harber, Tom Knight, and Eric Sanders. They all pushed Joshua to evolve into the musician he is today while also creatively cultivating his own musical standards. He was also inspired by other musicians that he enjoyed listening to for their unique style including Aaron Spears, Gerald Hayward, Rex Hardy, Stewart Copeland, Teddy Campbell, Tony Royster, Skeeter McMillan, George “Spanky” McCurdy. Learning from his teachers and his favorite drum influences made Joshua understand that being different and having a different feel was far from wrong. This helped him to become more enthusiastic about the future behind the drums.

josh-5From the studio to the stage Joshua is persistent about creating different approaches to drumming. Joshua is currently the lead drummer for And Love – a reggae rock band, R&B recording artist Tawana Lael, and his church Spirit and Truth International Worship Center. He is also carrying an endorsement with Soultone Cymbals. He is excited about future endeavors within his music career. He aspires to be an international name in the drumming community. On the way to the top Joshua continues to live by “LET GO AND PLAY FROM THE HEART” !!!!