Julian Smith

Julian Smith Julian Smith – Growing up in Mullens West Virginia music has always been in my heart.  I developed the desire to play drums at a young age just by watching others in church. When my parents bought me my first drum set, that’s when my drum world began.  I started out learning how to play gospel/quartet music and at the age of fourteen when I began to play drums in church. 

My biggest influences are The Winans, Commissioned, The Williams Brothers, and the list goes on. Dana Davis (The Winans), Michael Williams (Commissioned), Questlove, Chris “Daddy” Dave are just a few of the drummers that I enjoy listening too simply because I can relate to their style of playing.  Additional musical influences are artist like  Bill Withers, George Benson, Earth Wind and Fire, Al Green, D’Angelo, Gap Band, etc. I’ve been drumming for over 20 years and have no desire to stop any time soon.

I thank God each and every day for the ability and the gifts that he’s given me in the music world.  At this time I am an independent drummer; however I do currently drum full time at church and with The Allen Smith Band (jazz & r&b group).

I currently use Pearl Drums, Evans Drumheads and Soultone Cymbals

Stick Sizes: 5A & 8A, Finish: Beeswax, Diameter: 16.25″, Tips: Acorn & Bebop



Julian Smith