Kerri Berry

kerri1Kerri Berry was born and raised in New Zealand, and moved to Los Angeles in 1991. She met Marek Lisiak in 2005, and they found that they both had music in common. Kerri had been in singing/dancing groups, and writing songs, and Marek had been playing guitar for many years, and writing songs, most notably in the French hair metal band, Tipsy Wit. They started writing songs together, and got married in 2006.

One day they were at a Halloween party/jam at their friend’s house, when the drummer left early. Kerri knew some of the basics of drumming, so she took the opportunity to sit in on the drums. She held down the beat well, impressing the experienced musicians that were at the jam. The next day Marek bought her a set of drums, and they formed their new rock band, Wild Ride.Kerri3

With Marek as the front-man/lead guitarist, and Kerri Berry on the drums and back-up vocals (and occasionally lead vocals), they manage their band together, co-writing most of the songs, and booking their own shows and tours. They also host two music festivals, the Wild Ride Music Festival, and the San Joaquin Valley Music Festival.

Kerri is mostly a self-taught drummer. Some friends have showed her the basics, and she has been fortunate to have had some lessons with ace drummer Chet McCracken, (toured with Doobie Brothers), and Gil Sharone (Stolen Babies and Wicked Beats instructional video). However, most of her success has come from hours of rehearsal, and from playing hundreds of live shows.

Wild Ride is doing very well as an independent rock ‘n roll band in Los Angeles. They’ve played over 300 shows, and toured the U.S. and Europe. They have released four CD’s, won awards at the Red Light District Radio Show, Ventura County Music Awards and The Akademia, and have seven entries in the 58th Grammy’s. They have played with many well-known artists, such as WAR, Eric Burdon, Berlin, Third World, Dale Bozzio, Emmylou Harris, Albert Lee, Gene Loves Jezebel, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, and Barbara Morrison.

Kerri Berry Between their tours and recording sessions, you can find Kerri Berry playing drums in Wild Ride at local shows in the L.A. area, as well as playing regularly on the Santa Monica Pier.