Mace McMillan

Mace McMillanMace McMillan was born in Tampa, Florida on August 5, 1967. He started playing the drums at the age of 10 and he has never had a lesson. Years of practice along with a drive to learn has honed his skills as a drummer and musician. Playing in bands with diverse styles of music like Rock, Metal, Jazz, Fusion, and  Funk have influenced his style. Mace strives to always learn and incorporate new ideas within his playing and songwriting. “I feel one of the most important things about being a drummer and songwriter is the groove and feel. I was told early on as a drummer not to overplay the song but to feel it and play what fits. I’ve always remembered and applied this”.Mace McMillan

Mace has played with various bands and solo artists over the years. He is currently with 5 Star Hooker, a Florida based rock band that was hand selected to perform at Rocklahoma 2016 after performing for a music industry panel at the 2015 Rock Solid Pressure Showcase. The band’s sound is high energy rock with the fun, rowdy rock and roll vibe in their music and live performance. Formed in 2015, 5 Star Hooker quickly gained recognition. They have performed with many national acts and are slated for more shows and festivals this year and beyond.

Mace’s gear:

Besides playing Rich Sticks, Mace plays a Crush Drums Chameleon Ash and Eminent Birch kit with Evans drum heads. 22 inch bass drums, and a wide array of toms and snares. He uses a Crush Drums M1 hi-hat and a DW double bass drum pedal. He also uses , Sabian and Zildjian cymbals and SKB cases.

Instagram: @powertribe

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Mace McMillan