Nate Parrish

Nate ParrishNate Parrish – Being born into a musical family Nate Parrish is an avid lover of music. He was introduced to the sounds of R&B, soul, funk, quartet, and gospel music by his parents. This combination of music helped him develop a love for rhythms, harmonies, chords as well as grooves. With his parents being both musician and singer the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. At the young age of two Nate began singing in a gospel group called Generation 5 which consisted of his two older brothers and two older cousins. They appeared on shows such as Show Time at the Apollo and the Bobby Jones Gospel show. As he got older he began to realize his gift of drumming. He was able to learn and perform songs by ear without any drum lessons. He then begin to play drums for his family’s church. He got his first drum set as a teenager and has never looked back.

As a young musician Nate wanted to learn every trick he could because he thought that’s what it took to be considered a “good” drummer but that was far from the truth. The most important musical advice ever given to him was by his older brother Anthony Parrish and that was “Stop worrying about chops and play the song!!!” These words changed his life and playing style forever. Becoming a professional (someone worth hiring) was now his number one priority. He would set up his 7 piece drum set in the living room of his home while his parents were gone and play with full dvd concerts. He became a firm believer in playing the song first and then finding ways to express yourself without taking away from the song or outshining the artist. He has been able to accomplish much in music with this mentality. Nate Parrish

Nate is currently the drummer for 2x Grammy nominated and International Recording Artist MALI MUSIC. He also drums for Hip Hop recording artist ZEE WILL, Gospel recording artist RICI SKEI, and most recently Gospel recording artist TIFFANY BINION MANGUM. He has performed on television shows such as American Idol, Queen Latifah, Seth Myers, Revolt Tv, and BET’S 106th and park to name a few. He has also been a part of many music festivals around the country, the biggest being Essence Festival in New Orleans. His faith in God, love and passion for the drums has allowed him to travel the world making people dance and move to the rhythm of his beat, an experience for him that never gets old.

The name “ANOTHA PLANET” came from his approach to the drums and his production. His sound is definitely unique being that he loves to use an assortment of crazy/weird sounds, pads, and synths. Never being afraid to step out of the box to create what he calls beautiful music. Excited about his future in the music industry Nate’s ultimate goal is to become the go to producer who can write and produce songs for anyone in any genre of music.


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