Nicky “Stixx” Toarmina

Nicky 1Nicky “Stixx” Toarmina is the drummer for the band Giffords Lane. Nicky started playing the drums at age 3. He first started on pots and pans and hitting them with wooden spoons. Nicky received his first drum kit when he was 5 years old which was all he needed. Nicky’s father Larry, also a drummer, is his mentor and inspiration. Larry is a big part of Nicky’s life. Nicky would practice for many hours a day, and was sent to a local music school called The Staten Island School of Rock. This would soon become a major turning point in young Nicky’s career.  This is where Nicky met Serena, Salvatore and Dylan; the three other members of his band Giffords Lane.  Giffords Lane soon started playing local gigs, and their shows got bigger and better. By the time Nicky turned 13 he was playing a Ludwig drum set. The same drum set used by the late John Bonham. A representative at Ludwig Drums saw Nicky’s performance of Moby Dick at the Bitter End in NYC and offered Nicky an artist discount with Ludwig drums. Nicky jumped on the opportunity.Nicky 4

One of Nicky’s most memorable experiences was playing a Hurricane Sandy benefit on Staten Island. Giffords Lane met (and performed for) many celebrities such as Dee Snyder (Twisted Sister), The Impractical Jokers, the cast of Hell’s Kitchen and the Housewives of New Jersey. The cast of the Housewives of New Jersey were so impressed with the band they asked the kids to perform on their Season Finale (aired in 2013). Giffords Lane soon started traveling outside the New York area. The band played events in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Giffords Lane was asked to perform at Philadelphia’s Believe and Achieve Benefit which included playing for Quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, Matt Ryan. In 2013 Giffords Lane opened up for 80’s band Quiet Riot at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. One of their favorite and most popular performances was having the honor of headlining a well-known historic venue on Staten Island, N.Y.; The St. George Theatre. Nicky and Giffords Lane have recorded 4 EP’s over the course of four years (all EP’s can be found on iTunes) as well as performed at over 200 events. Nicky and his band continue to keep busy performing at various festivals, expanding their legacy, and becoming more experienced and seasoned musicians as the band is maturing into young teenagers. Stay connected to Nicky and Giffords Lane by visiting

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