Rich Sticks Endorsements

Thank you for your interest in endorsing Rich Sticks! We welcome all inquiries and are seeking motivated, dedicated drummers that truly love our products and will be ambassadors for Rich Sticks.

Rich Sticks Endorsements

Rich Sticks endorser, Andrew Sgambati

Please understand that we try to move very quickly with the endorsement process. Only inquire if you are ready to move forward. Have your EPK and everything else assembled so that when it is requested or when it is time to go on to the next steps, you are ready.

Have you tried our sticks yet? Do you know about our sticks, who we are and what makes us different from the other stick companies out there? We suggest that before following through with an endorsement request, go on our website and learn about our products. If you want to be an endorser, you need to be an ambassador, and should know all about our company, so that you can better promote our brand, products and services.

Buy our sticks so that you can try them and  begin to refine the exact specifications for your own signature stick. We know our sticks are the best, but don’t just take our word for it. Play them so that you know that you truly want endorse our product. You can’t endorse a product that you have never tried, can you? Be a customer first, just like you were with all the other drumstick companies.

Many assume that an endorsement deal is about getting free product. This is not the case at Rich Sticks. It’s about the artist endorsing our brand because they truly love our products, services and the experience around designing their very own sticks. We do not give away free samples to those inquiring, nor do we give away free product to our endorsers. We sell a great product and provide amazing service, and our endorsers always get the best of both, not to mention, a very nice discount on all our products!

To make this process simple, please do the following in the order below:

  1. Read about our products and our company on our website.
  2. Become a customer. Design and order a few pairs of sticks online. Email us if you need assistance. We will work personally with each prospective endorser to create their own, perfect custom drumstick and signature artwork.
  3. When you get the sticks, play them and decide if these are the sticks that you truly love. Do they have the right feel, balance, throw? If not, reorder and try a different size, tip, length or finish until you get those perfect sticks.
  4. Send your EPK and/or the following information to
    1. Testimonial on our products, service and experience in designing your sticks
    2. A bio that is at least 500 words.
    3. 4 hi-resolution action pictures of you playing the drums and 1 head shot (we understand if you must send multiple emails because your photos are large)
    4. Links to any pages online for professional websites, YouTube channels, anything where we can view videos or audio files and read more about you.
Rich Sticks Endorsements

Rich Sticks endorser, Amy Hall

We are a growing company and receive numerous requests for endorsement deals. If any information is missing without an explanation, we will not move forward with the endorsement process, so it is very important to follow all the steps as listed in this letter.

Give us a few days to process your information and then we can move on to the next step. This is very much like applying for a job, so please make sure your bio, testimonial and pictures are as professional as possible. Much of the information that you give us will be going on your artist page, and we want you to be represented in the best possible light.

If approved, you will receive a call or an email from our Artist Relations manager explaining the next steps in the process.

Thank you!

Email your EPK to:

Or mail printed promo kit to:

Rich Sticks, LLC
Attn: Artist Relations Manager
26 High Street
New Boston, NH 03070

NOTE: Your materials will not be returned. We will respond to you via e-mail.