Rob Bergeron

Rob BergeronRob Bergeron is an award winning rock/fusion drummer from Haverhill, Massachusetts.  Beginning his drumming career as a student at renowned Berklee College of Music, with percussion professor Ed Saindon, Rob honed his skills in rudiments, playing in different time changes, improvisational playing and developing his technique with a primary focus on the drum set.  Beginning in middle school all the way through college, Rob has played drums in marching bands, concert bands, jazz bands and percussion ensembles.

Rob credits his high school marching band experiences with his being able to keep the rudiments as an everyday exercise, while developing a musical discipline that would become helpful later on in his music career.

“I’ve worked with some really talented individuals in these previous musical projects,” says Rob.  “The different musical backgrounds and technical abilities you see in other drummers really helps a player, especially a younger player with his/her technique as well as giving the opportunity to possibly learn something new.”Rob 2

In addition to playing with his high school band, Rob also played in several local bands and has done session work.  Rob takes a liking to effects cymbals, octobans and offbeat notes to help contribute to the construction of songs.  “I always wanted add little things here and there during the song writing process to try to fill as many gaps as possible, and sometimes those little things can really make a difference. I didn’t want to just be a timekeeper, I wanted to make the drums more musical when writing and playing songs,” says Rob.

Currently, Rob is the drummer for Danville, NH based EVE’S CRAVING, a heavy metal band that plays all original music and frequents the local music scene. On using a fusion feel to a heavy metal band, Rob says, “Being able to play these heavy songs while incorporating my drumming style can be challenging at times, but the end result is rewarding.   I’m extremely happy with the results that we’ve come up with. EVE’S CRAVING gives me the opportunity to do my thing while keeping the songs heavy.”  EVE’S CRAVING is preparing to enter the studio to work on a soon to be titled E.P.  You can check out the band at

Rob BergeronRob’s main drumming influences are Tim Alexander, Kenny “Rhino” Earl and Ginger Baker.