Roman Kancepolski

Roman Kancepolski

Roman Kancepolski – I’m a drummer from Argentina living in Los Angeles. I started playing drums in high school in 1986 before moving to Los Angeles in 1990 to attend the Musicians Institute and started working non-stop while at school and after graduating in 1992.

I have a lot of experience in the studio, but mostly touring. At this moment I’m starting the USA leg of the next tour beginning May 2017 with the legendary latin romantic band Los Iracundos. This is one of the most important Latin American bands from the 70’s era from Argentina and I’m

currently doing a US west coast tour with them.

Meanwhile, I’m the music director for Argentinian singer KING CLAVE who sold over 10 million records during the late 70’s and early 80’s. I’ll be playing with him in a Texas Tour the first two weeks of June. Also I’m the sub drummer at the moment for ALVARO TORRES who is one of the most popular singers in Central America

Additionally, I am the west coast drummer for Latin legend Leo Dan and just did a gig this past April 1st at The Aragon Ball Center Chicago to an audience of 5000.

My resume is very extensive and includes; Chuck Dukowsky, founder of Black Flag; Mario Reyes (Gipsy Kings); Pappo

Roman Kancepolski

(number 1 blues guitar player in Latin America); Alejandra Guzman (top rock en espanol singer); Milly de La Hoya (Oscar de la Hoya’s wife); Cristian Castro; Angelica Maria (played at her Hollywood Star induction in Hollywood, CA in May of 2016) among others. I was also featured in a few articles in Drum Magazine and others.

Some of the artist Roman Kancepolski has recorded or performed with are:

Felix & the Katz
Alejandra Guzman
Chuck Dukowski (from “black flag”)
Angela Carrsco
Mizrahi Blues Band
Leo Dan
Mario Maisonnave
King Clave
Mario Reyes (from “gipsy kings”)
Alvaro Torres
Julio Sabala
United World Orquestra
Pedro Frugone (from “la ley”)
Mambo Caliente
Eusebio “chivo” Cortez (from “los bukis”)
Ednita Nazario
Outsiders (from South Africa)
Los Grecos
Los Iracundos
Visiting Violette
Banda America
Mauricio Herrera
Lorenzo Don Band
Tequila Soul
Giovanni Arriola
Banda America
Ley de Hielo
Notorious Coo
El simbolo
Donna Louise
Andrea Lafert
Fernando Arias
Kevin Never Talks
Sin Limites
Will Echegoyen
Los Caminantes
Brenda Kyleb
Sweeth and Heat
Mucho Axe
Gabriel Rosati
Los Brios
Angelica Maria
Angelica Vale
Maria Conchita Alonso
Isaac Gardella
Elio Roca
Vida Tinta
Blue Magic Church
The Great American Swing Band