Ron Straley

bd81e9dd46bd574c931aa4afeaeeff6cI started my interest in music at an early age of ten years old in Rapid City, SD. I knew I had rhythm in my blood. Teachers tried to talk me into playing another instrument. I knew I wanted to play drums and I was not going to change my mind. I was very determined to play drums and nobody was going to stop me. I was the first seventh grader to make the advanced drum line in Lewis Jr high school history. In high school I transitioned over to the drum kit in Jazz Stage band improving my reading skills as well as music theory. I was very inspired by the 60s, 70s, & 80s classic rock bands and progressive rock bands but did not limit myself to just those styles. I now have been playing a variety of music and Percussion for 44 years.

A friend introduced me to a Rush album (2112) and I was very inspired by what I heard with Neil Peart’s progressive ability. That was a very big turning point in my approach on playing the drum kit and trying different rhythms and time signature’s in the progressive rock style. Each and every day I practiced for hours learning every Neil Peart lick I could and I still use them to this day. I have played all over country from Florida to California and have opened for many major acts such as Dr Hook, Firefall, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, Subdudes, Johnny rivers and Slaughter and many more.ec678488cd66c74efd3b2fb9611c04a0

I moved from California back to Cheyenne, WY in the mid-80s to seek other places to play music. I have played classic rock, Metal, High energy Blues from originals to covers since back in the mid-west area. Playing with the Brian Leneschmidt and the Edge of Soul band we released two CDs which oddly enough it gets a lot of air play in the European Radio stations. I have also played on two of the Steel March CDs with Juliet March and all four of these CDs are available on I tunes.

I was asked to join Rush Archives two years ago. (The Number One Rush Tribute Band in Colorado and surrounding states). We have been playing large Festivals and Concerts on a regular basis throughout Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota (Sturgis Rallies). I actively promote the gear that I use, as I am frequently approached about my choice of gear.

I play top of the line equipment which consists of Tama Star Classic maple Kit, Tama Iron cobra pedals, Tama hardware, Zildjian and Sabian Cymbals, Remo and Evans drum heads, LP Cowbells and Jam blocks, Rich Sticks, Gibraltar Rack system. My thoughts are if you want to be the best you got to play the best equipment. I have experience in playing a variety of percussion instruments. I am very creative with different techniques such as rudimental, Snare drum technique, Double bass drum, multiple pedals, Hand and stick control and Solo Technique. I utilize some of my off time giving private drum lessons. I have a very big influence on what kind of Percussion gear my students use.

fe46c4745d45f2e14b8881c15aaf1c41I take a lot of pride in my equipment and my playing skills and that separates me from many other drummers in the area. I use the best equipment in the business and my sound and recording show that.

I am very dedicated with the equipment I use and will not sacrifice my sound for anything and I put every piece of equipment through my personal endurance test.

Besides Rich Sticks, I am currently endorsing Remo and am in negotiation with Bosphorous Cymbals.


Edge of Soul- Brian Leneschmidt & Edge of soul – 2006

Steel March- Damage Done-

Steel March- The art of recovery 2014


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