Seadric Crawford

Seadric Crawford Seadric Crawford, raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a diverse musician who has musical experience with Jazz, R&B, Rock, Fusion, Contemporary Christian, and most of all, Gospel. Seadric’s passion for music and percussion developed at a very young age. His talented relatives that come from a line of singers, drummers and guitarist have greatly influenced Seadric.

Growing up traveling and watching his mother perform with her group the Camp sisters motivated him at an early age to pursue music. Seadric started out on the guitar at the age of 3, but shortly after moving to South Florida in Elementary School he gravitated to the drums. Drums were a popular instrument for churches in the 90s and musicians lined up for a chance to play. Seadric knew in order to get a chance to play he had to be good.

His father Sidney Crawford also was a major influence on his playing. His father was a keyboard player and always asked Seadric to play for him, no matter the event.Seadric Crawford

One particular event Seadric recalls is when he was about 10 years old at an outdoor concert and his father asked him to play in front of hundreds of attendees. Seadric was a little nervous at first, but once he started playing all fear went away. After the performance many people came up to Seadric to tell him how well he did and how shocked they were that a little kid could play so well. At that moment, Seadric knew that this was what he wanted to do with his life; make people feel good through his playing.

During College, Seadric Crawford had the chance to really develop his playing after meeting now good friend, Sammy McGriff. Sammy helped motivate and mold Seadric into taking his playing more seriously. This allowed Seadric to play in different situations and opened up his mind to the greater music world. Seadric then began studying his craft more, even taking private lessons to learn to read music.

After being in College in Central Florida Seadric then moved back home to South Florida where he could further pursue his career and have more opportunities. He also continued studying with mentors such as Evan Kline with Resurrection Drums, who also helped Seadric mold his sound by studying multiple styles of music.

Seadric has shared the stage with recording artists such as Kierra “KiKi” Sheard, Jessica Reedy, Beverly Crawford, Shana Wilson, Jason Nelson, Javen Campbell,  to name a few. Seadric is currently playing with the House of Peace Band, who is signed to the City Of Peace record label. House of peace influences range from Chris Tomlin, IHOP, Bethel, Cold Play, Keane, U2 and Organic Worship. Seadric has also toured with the Michael Jaimes Band which is a Christian rock band. Seadric provides lessons to musicians of all ages, from kids 3 years old all the way up to adults. He also has a YouTube Channel with drum covers and more.

Seadric Crawford Besides Rich Sticks, Seadric Crawford currently endorses AJP Custom drums, Cympad, Gorilla Ears, and TRX cymbals.  Seadric’s main goal is to inspire and encourage others that anything is possible if they work hard and never give up. Look forward to seeing Seadric in a city near you.