Hex Cajon


This compact, portable hex cajon is big on sound and loaded with accessories! Please see the full product description below.




The Hex Cajon was designed to be a drum kit in a 6-sided box. It is 12″ across, point to point, 6″ tall, made from 9-ply Baltic Birch and hand-buffed to a smooth as silk finish. This model comes standard with adjustable snare wires and rubber feet. The 3″ vent port is located on the left so you can pitch bend the note while playing using your left knee.

Deluxe Hex Cajon

In addition to the standard features, the deluxe model enhances your sound with a spring board clapper on top and two spring-loaded side sticks (one for the stick-click effect and one to add a tambourine jingle) and a unique, removable, textured Mylar surface which can be played with brushes or with hand scrape effects.


  • 6″ tall, 12″ point to point
  • Adjustable snares
  • 6 rubber feet for stability on table top or on top of a drum
  • Leverages resonance from the drum it’s sitting on
  • Deluxe model features:
    • Side stick
    • Side stick with jingles that can be moved to either side held on by a custom hex lug
    • Slap attachment for simulated hand clap
    • Removable, textured mylar surface
  • Hand rubbed tung oil finish; buffed to a silky feel


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