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Twist Rods


The original Rich Sticks Twist Rods give you 3 sticks in one!



Twist Rods

Simply a superior rod

Rich Sticks Twist Rods give you 3 sticks in one; a stick, a brush and a mallet! Our Patent pending rods are made from North American Birch dowels, bundled and twisted using our signature method. The rods are then glued with high-strength wood glue before the heat shrink-tubing is applied for added durability and stability. The exposed, 6″ striking end of the dowels are then dipped in a wood-grain hardening solution to give them superior longevity. The rubber butt end is a great counter weight and makes for a faster feeling stick, which is also great for cymbal and tom swells. The “O-Ring allows you to adjust the amount of dowel flair to customize your sound.

Improvements to Twist Rods: New grip wraps and end caps

Just like our brushes, the Twist Rods will have the product labeling printed directly on the rubber grip which will includes the model. Also, because many of you have asked for it, all Twist Rods will now come with two interchangeable end caps. The rods still come standard with the rubber mallet butt ends attached, and we will include a pair of vinyl butt end caps in the package for those that do not need or want the rubber butts and would like a more forward heavy Twist Rod.

THE TWIST EFFECT: By twisting the dowels they become spring loaded generating incredible rebound and producing a fatter sound.

  • Available is 3 styles:
  • Jazz Twist: 19 – 1/8″ birch dowels
  • Rock Twist: 7 – 3/16″ birch dowels
  • Jazz Lite: 14 – 1/8″ birch dowels
Twist Jazz 2

Jazz – 19 – 1/8″ x 16″ rods

Twist Rock 2

Rock – 7 – 3/16″ x 16″ rods










Twist Jazz Lite 2

Jazz Lite – 14 – 1/8″ x 16″ rods




Additional information

Weight .325 lbs
Dimensions 17.5 x 2 x 1 in

Jazz Lite Twist, Jazz Twist, Rock Twist