Steve Morris

Steve Morris Steve Morris – His musical journey started in Prophetstown, IL at the early age of seven when he began crafting drum sets out of boxes and ice cream buckets. Receiving his first real drum kit at age 10 as a gift from his parents, he continued his pursuit of drumming in a home filled with music ranging from his dad’s love of big band to older brothers and sisters blasting classic rock. The musical repertoire at home exposed the young musician to all the great drummers like, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson, Ringo, John Bonham, Neal Peart, Stewart Copeland and a multitude of others. After excelling in high school marching band and various garage bands, Steve studied music in college, including private studies with Genesis/Phil Collins legend Chester Thompson before leaving school to travel with several regional Top 40 bands.

This led Morris to playing with the Minneapolis based funk/rock band Elvis Can Phunk, releasing one album on Tonal Center Records.  In addition to playing countless live shows, sharing stages with diverse major acts like rock legends Boston, country singer Trace Atkins and jazz drumming legend Louie Bellson, Steve has also played on many studio sessions. His work at Cellar Records, Dixon IL, has been internationally acclaimed in many album reviews including,

“Steve Morris has a way of pounding the skins just right.” -Bass Player MagazineSteve Morris

After forming his publishing company Lyndon Bridge Music and signing a deal with performing rights organization SESAC, the drummer led the piano/drums rock duo of Harry Bailey’s Transport to two successful records on which Morris was also Lead Vocalist and Songwriter.

The albums garnered widespread acclaim in the industry. That duo licensed many songs to TV networks including MTV, VH1, Discovery, and Lifetime networks with their music also featured on the Rachael Ray Show.

Besides playing with Harry Bailey’s Transport and other bands, Steve has embarked on a career as a solo act. “Bringing the drums right out front!”, says Morris. “Everybody has seen one-man bands with guitar or piano players, but I’m a drummer, which I think it makes it very interesting; not something that everyone has seen before!”.

Steve MorrisPlans for the future include writing,recording and licensing more music and playing live as much as possible “I’ll play anywhere they’ll let me!” he quipped. But seriously folks, he will.