Terms and Conditions

Allow 3 – 10 days for delivery of semi-custom sticks and 3 – 4 weeks for full-custom orders. Orders will not go into the production queue until the invoice is paid in full. Changes to the specifications must be made in writing before the order is in production. The hickory wood we use may be heartwood (brown) or sapwood (white). Your order may be comprised of heartwood or sapwood or both. We will not bleach our sticks to make them white. All of our playing sticks meet a minimum weight restriction, but we will not weight match or pitch match your order (see https://richsticks.com/about-our-custom-drumsticks for more information). For custom printing, you assume all responsibility for the quality of the artwork you submit. We will send you an image proof from which the printing die will be made for your approval, and we will not begin production until it has been approved. This invoice is due and payable upon receipt and prices are subject to change without notice if not paid within 10 days. By paying this invoice, you agree to the above terms and the specifications as listed on the invoice.

Once we ship your order, USPS or UPS is responsible for delivering your package. If you do not request shipping insurance and the shipping carrier loses your package, Rich Sticks will not refund or replace your order. We recommend that you request insurance, which is relatively cheap. Email us to request shipping insurance and we will bill you for it.