Rich Sticks endorser, John Dorizzi.

More testimonials from drummer’s about our custom drumsticks.


Bernard PurdieI visited the factory and was impressed with the whole organization. The process from a piece of wood to a custom drumstick was wonderful and remarkable. I got what I needed – my stick back! I am happy! I was more than happy to sign on the dotted line as an endorser for Rich Sticks. It is a product I believe in and am proud to use.

Bernard Purdie







Jake DickI have been playing the same brand name stock stick for the past 5 years, always searching for something better, but thinking it didn’t really exist. This was until I got to design my own pair of sticks with Rich Sticks. Not only have I been able to design a pair of sticks that feels natural, comfortable, and dialed in to my own feel and style, but I’ve also been introduced to such knowledgeable and caring stick makers at Rich Sticks. I’m very proud to be playing these sticks and will continue to put them to the test every time I sit down at the kit.

Jake Dick





B91P1992These things do not break! If you know how I play then you know how fast I go through a brick of other brands….. I still have the same pair Josh sent me back in October….. I smash and smash and cannot seem to make saw dust out of them……SOLD… Thank you gentlemen ~Ryan Manning of The Devil’s Twins

Ryan Manning 





PJ Alvarez 4Craftsmanship looks amazing! My advice to the “Other” stick companies: just go make tooth picks! There can be only one! I will only play RICH STICKS! These are the best sticks I have ever played. One pair lasted through two band practices and a show! Unbelievable product! I would say that to call the other brands “Name brands” would be a joke. I have finally found my stick. I am a customer for life!

Pj Alvarez





Tim Montgomery 1

Very excited about joining the Rich Sticks Artist endorsing family. Together we worked and Rich Sticks custom built me the stick I have been searching for. They are of a select hardwood, .550 diameter , 16 1/4 length with a moderate fast taper and a very responsive ball tip. Short and sweet I can not say enough good about these sticks except “come get some “

Tim Montgomery








Andrew Sgambati 4

I wanted the best I got the best! Being in the Best KISS Tribute Band in the World, my hard hitting style demands the best, and I found that at Rich Sticks! These sticks not only look cool with unlimited artwork designs, but they hold up to hours of bashing. I HIGHLY recommend these to anyone! I’m proud to say I play them exclusively.

Andrew Sgambati





Josh Ramsden

Best sticks I’ve ever used!!!!!! Show after show I’m impressed more, durable great balance and feel….. truly a great company with a great product……… customer service is great and it is a family feel…….

Josh Ramsden








“I prefer a maple drum stick rather than hickory or oak. I alternate back and forth between a 5A and a 5B. The maple in these sizes still gives me the thickness I want, but doesn’t tire my hands as the heavier hickory and oak tend to do. It moves faster; it’s a “quick stick.” Recently I “test drove” the Rich maple 5B. First off, the sticks were balanced, straight and true. I used the stick in several situations where the music was “heavier” and I tend to hit harder. The Rich maple 5B gave me the beefy feel that I desired. Plus, the coating is unique. Rather than the slick varnish routinely used by larger drum stick manufacturers, the Rich finish allows you to feel more of the grain. Under hot stage lights, when my hands sometimes tend to sweat, the Rich maple 5Bs snuggled nicely into my hands…and stayed there. There was absolutely no slippage, nor need of gloves or tape. Additionally, at the end of the night, I noticed the stick had held up exceptionally well. No major chips, cuts and absolutely no splitting. This drum stick manufacturer crafts a fine and exceedingly well made product. I recommend the Rich maple 5B without reservation.”

Bernie Schallehn

Contributing Writer – Modern Drummer magazine
Artist interviews, Product Reviews, Assorted Articles
Columnist–MIND MATTERS–Modern Drummer magazine
Author – Mind Matters: Overcoming Common Mental Barriers In Drumming (Modern Drummer Publications, 2011)

    These sticks you made for me are great. Over the past month I gave them a try in every musical situation possible (except drum corp on a marching snare drum) and they fit me perfectly. I can even use them for classical snare drum as well as drum set playing. Along with the great feel, these sticks produce great sound quality because of the wood. They make the drums sing.  My Cuban wife and other musicians mentioned that when I click them together they sound and project like Clavè sticks, needles to say I felt the same as well. That’s even more proof of the superior wood quality. Overall it’s nice just having one type of drum stick that’s reliable for a change. Thank you very much for making my life easier in that regard. 

    The marching sticks feel and sound great as well. Great Hardimon clone!!!!! I would say even better than the original because you guys use wood of great quality. I love playing through drum corp rudimental stuff with these. I’ll be buying more pairs of these because I wore out my first pair that I got from you, though they did last like champs and took rim shoots like an iron jawed heavyweight prize fighter.

      Good talking with you Josh about drum corp BTW. You knew what I was looking for and understood what I was thinking in what I needed in the dimensions of the custom sticks; due to that common experience and your knowledge of drumstick crafting which allowed you to help me fine tune the specs on the stick, the custom stick ended up being spot on for me. 

      Thanks Fitz for working with me on the logo. It was very straight forward working with you and the logo and signature look fantastic. Even people who do not play drums and percussion as well as people in the latter mentioned craft admire the way it looks and want to hold them in their hands.  The stamp has much to do with that initial attraction.   

Brandon Lewis

I have played with many different sticks from every brand you can think of and my size of choice has always been the 7A.  Usually, I’ll play with a pair of sticks for ten minutes and you can start feeling wear on them and the wood will ever so slightly bow, but this is now not the case.  Since playing with the stock 7A Rich Sticks my view on how sticks should perform has drastically changed.  After a whole two hour practice I can still pick these sticks up and they have a fresh “new pair” look and feel to them even though I’ve been wailing away on them.  You can tell these sticks are unlike any others in terms of quality and playability just from the simple fact that they maintain their original state despite heavy use.  You can tell by how well these sticks play and how durable they are that the utmost care and craftsmanship goes into every pair and I won’t be using any other brand of stick from now on.

Alex Yusko-LeBlanc

I used one pair all night Thursday ( a four-hour gig with 3 hours, 15 min. of actual playing time)…the usual indentations in the shoulder of the right hand stick from the hi-hat, but NO chipping of the tip! I try to switch left to right to balance out the wear, too. Also, the tip shape on this stick makes the bell really ring out, no matter what angle you hit it at…Very Happy !

Freddie Joseph

Received my sticks today. They look and “feel” great. Thanks for all your help, and I look forward to a long relationship.

Rob Gallagher

Played with my new sticks last night at wild wings…… after a 3 hour show I barley left marks on one pair of sticks….. usually I’d have a broken or cracked stick… but no damage!!!!!! Great sticks. Check these guys out!!!!!! Best sticks I’ve ever played. 

Josh Ramsden

I would just like to thank my good friends at Rich Sticks for having me join their family!! I am now proudly Endorsing Rich Sticks!! If any drummers out there are looking for a custom stick or just a stick with your signature, also you get them at a great price, check them out!!!!

Greg Ross

15 years of searching to find the perfect stick and I never could find it. I got close a few times but I was never fully happy and then I found rich sticks. They are amazing!!!!! The best sticks I have ever played EZ. They put up with me until we got it right. I am so pumped of my new sticks they feel like home to me. I will never forget what Joshua said to me when I said “I’m sorry for being a pain” he said ” it’s all good every drummer should be able to do this” Not only do they make your dreams come true but they make the best most durable stick out there + they are drummers over there making sticks so they get it. Thank you so much! I can’t stop playing not only my kit but my couch my kitchen my whole house is now a practice pad! I love this company and the product! 

Buddy McRoy

I’ve been playing for 25 years. I’ve played basically every brand of stick out there. I have never been fully satisfied with a stick that felt good in my hands, or with the response and durability. That all changed one year ago when I learned of Rich Sticks. Rich Sticks worked with me to find what felt just right. The quality and craftsmanship are something the other “three” cant come close to. I am a Rich Sticks guy for life. Anything else, simply wont do.

Update: After 3 months, I broke my first Rich Sticks drum stick. Had I have been playing another brand, I would have broken more. Thank you, Rich Sticks, for making a high quality product that can stand up to my style of playing!

Rob Bergeron

These sticks are strong. I play match grip mainly, and playing hard rock, prog metal, metalcore, and post hardcore music live almost always requires heavy playing and big movements while playing drums. I used to go through almost 2 pairs of sticks a show. With these sticks, I got through a three hour set, and one hour practices every night for 3 nights, and am still playing the same pair. Having more of the moisture still in the stick definitely makes a difference in durability. And to top it off, you can customize your sticks to the wood, length, diameter, finish, tips, and more.

Paul Campbell

Love my sticks!

Philip Galante