Tim Stepp

Tim Stepp Tim Stepp – My earliest memory of playing drums was when I was three or four years old. It was Christmas, the band Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” was huge at the time. I remember putting on my dad’s giant head phones of those times and listening to the radio through the 8-track player. I had received a toy drum with a drum stick attached to it by a string. That song came on and I started tapping along to the song. I was getting into it, all excited I played it harder and harder. The drum head broke. I remember feeling devastated, but never cried. I had so much fun during those three short minutes. It forever changed me.

This translates to how I play now, heavy and passionate.  When I got to middle school I joined the concert band where I started out playing snare. My mom purchased my first drum. It was a Tim SteppLudwig snare that I still own to this day. Then high school came and I joined the pep band where I learned to play a drum set. I went to a very small school and I had to teach myself. I showed up to school early and left late to work on my craft. I never missed an opportunity to play. When I was a sophomore, my friend Nathan and I decided to start a band! I begged my mother to purchase a drum set for me. She saw my passion for them and gave in. That purchase changed my life forever. We played what we liked and felt like we had no limits. At the time, we were playing a lot of grunge. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and other bands like that ruled the 90’s music scene. We learned a few bars and we thought we were rock stars. I knew that being in a band is what I wanted to do.

Being self taught, I started listening to different music to expand my knowledge and creativity. I knew it was the only way for me to get better. Chad Sexton from 311 was my hero. He played such funky, heavy, drum corp style rudiments. Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers was also a major influence. The way he laid a groove in the pocket with flashy, tasteful fills was amazing. My favorite drummer, Morgan Rose of Sevendust embodies all of these skills and techniques, but in a heavy way.

My first hard rock concert was Sevendust and it made a huge impact on me as a drummer. I wanted to BE Morgan Rose! I tried putting my hair in braids, but I couldn’t pull it off. My drumming is derived from these artists. Hard, heavy, and funky in the pocket with flashy fills.Tim Stepp

My current project is called Fight Like Sin with longtime friend and guitarist/vocalist, Cody Hughes. Once upon a time, we played in band called Hindsight when we were in high school. Later, I would go on to play for Stoner rock/ Psychedelic group, Suncruiser.  I am very well-known for my world famous drum faces. I do not pay attention to what I look like, I play from my heart and soul and so passionately it shows on my face. Ha!

Lafayette, Indiana newspaper, “Journal and Courier” nominated me as one of the area’s best drummers from 2010-2011. My latest work can be heard on Fight Like Sin’s upcoming EP “Singularity”, September 2016.