Twan Eafford

Twan EaffordTwan Eafford – Born in Fort Campbell, KY to two military service members, Twan was born into the community of brotherhood and comradery. Traveling to different installations all over the world he seemed to have an ear for music and a love for comedy. At a young age he started taking a liking to drums. He would do what most little kids do and grab his pots, pans, pillows, boxes, and chop sticks and sit in front of the tv.

Most of the time he would watch and try to mimic the beats from such artists as The Clark Sisters, Stevie Wonder, George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and William Becton. Twan first sat behind a kit when his parents were stationed in Virginia. They went to a small Pentecostal church where he dabbled for a year playing after church until they moved again about a year later. He went back to the pots and pans for a few more years and a few more moves.

After his parents left the military they settled down in the home of Smuckers Jelly, Orrville, OH. This is where Twan realized that comedy and music were his gifts and began playing drums at church. Between school and sports Twan only played church services every once in a while. Twan attended Hesston College, where he occasionally played drums for the worship services around campus.

After college it was time for the military. Twan spent time in South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington State. Several years were spent with 4th Brigade 2nd ID and one deployment. During this time Twan relied on music a lot to keep his spirits up with the adversity that comes with military life. During his deployment he was elated to find a drum set in Iraq. Though he wasn’t able to get to it very often he cherished the time that he was able to keep up his passion for playing music.

Twan spent over four years in the United States Army before leaving service. He started a family and has 3 children. Twan went back to the music and started playing drums professionally in March 2009. When coming out of the military he did open jams all over the Puget Sound area. It was through those jams that he met Paul Manual. Paul had an idea of how to pass on music and Twan joined him to start what is now known as the Puget Sound Music for Youth Association. Twan Eafford

His first band was with Clinton Ellison. Through diligence, consistency, networking, and reliability, Twan has become a much sought after drummer in the Seattle area. He volunteers his time mentoring young performers and is currently getting his children involved with playing instruments as well.

He has performed with Mike Pinera  (Alice Cooper), Rocky Sandoval, Mary Lambert  (Macklemore’s “Same Love”), Jeff Kashiwa (Grammy Nominated Jazz saxophonist),  Eric Robert (Vicci Martinez) and many more. Currently the drummer for the Charles Mack Band and musical director for One Fam Music Group, a division of Universal Records.

Twan is a true business man as well.  Drop by to check out what his company has to offer !!

Twan continues to tour and besides Rich Sticks, endorses Arborea Cymbals.

Twan Eafford