William Becker

WB 2William Becker, a drummer with Last Rites, has been hitting the toms since he was 13 years old. Bill is the middle child from a military family, who first became interested in drumming after hearing the Connecticut Ancient Mariners Fife and Drum Corps. From an early age, Bill was exposed to all types of music, including classic rock, old-style country, alternative, and metal. His love of music led him to experiment with different sounds and drumming styles. In his musical arsenal, Bill currently has a vintage Ludwig steel drum kit, a Simmons electronic drum set, and his latest acquisition—a DW Series five-piece kit. WB 1

Bill lists Tool drummer Danny Carey, Rush’s Neil Peart, and Buddy Rich as sources of inspiration because of their unique techniques and style. Bill’s first band was called Dead Hang and later he played with a local Connecticut band called Stink Finger.

These days, Bill can be found rehearsing with his Last Rites band mates, guitarist Chris Blicker and bassist Matt LaPlace. The group has been together on this project for about four years. The musicians often hit up the local Connecticut punk metal rock scene to share their original compositions, but they can riff almost any song known to mankind. In all, Bill and his band mates have been playing together on and off for the better part of 20 years.